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420 Special: Dab Talk

420 Special: Dab Talk

In this 420 video, I will be taking dabs and discussing a very common cannabis phenomenon: paranoia. Paranoia can be a dirty bitch to both the stoner newbie and the stoner veteran. I hope everyone had a fantastic 4/20 and hopefully you are all getting that holy vitamin THC in your system.

Thanks for w

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wasserhexe 4 years ago
Happy 4/20! Haha I've very, very rarely gotten paranoid (thank goodness!!!) when smoking. My partner (your-weekly-weed) has gotten paranoid a lot, though. I sympathise with you, man! Also, we tend to watch documentaries or science/nature programs, or we're playing board games when we smoke, so paranoid thoughts don't happen much around here, fortunately. :) Love your silicone bong! I also never understood the appeal of taking ridiculously BIG dabs when you're choking to death... Take care and toke on!