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3 Dabs & Dispensary Tax Talk

3 Dabs & Dispensary Tax Talk

Published on October 17, 2020

Happy Saturday! Today I wanted to do some dabs with y'all and just talk about dabs and the crazy dispensary taxes in MI. Stay High!

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GramJam 2 years ago
Hey 3B, just wondering if you have tried cold start dabs? I noticed you go for the hot hits, and your lungs and throat suffer through it... I've found better taste, better rips, cleaner hits (your not in the heat range to vapourize the waxes and other stuff, product depending), and I can use smaller dabs to get higher... which stretches out your stash. If you don't have a dab cap, you can just use an old concentrate jar (glass preferred) to choke your preferred smoke thickness, and saves the remaining dab in your dab right for your next hit, instead of gassing off to the room air. Just a thought :) I used to hit hot dabs, but with cold starts I rarely cough with hits. A few smaller dabs (compared to your normal size) will get you fookered better (and with less waste :) ) than a large hot dab. You guys stay high and frosty! Cheers
all I could think at the start is how much I want that blanket