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2X4 Reset with they Viparspectra P4000 | Growing Weed Perpetually

2X4 Reset with they Viparspectra P4000 | Growing Weed Perpetually

Hello and thanks for Clicking today!
Today we reset the 2X4 and look at our previous harvest!
It would sure mean a lot to me if you hit the Like button, drop a Comment down below, and Subscribe to my channel!!
Thanks for watching I’ll see you all next time, and as always, Happy Growing!
The Zo

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Category : Growing/Gardening
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stoner1 1 year ago
on point as always. keep growing and stay safe brother
bluhousegrow 1 year ago
everything lookin great nice chunky buds hanging keep up the great work happy growing
BeckyY 1 year ago
also, why is the discount code for the lights "zotrix..."? haha
brodyjames26 1 year ago
yo man, cool vid. I can't dry that long but maybe I need to copy your setup. I have just been using a spare bathroom with a small fan and the bathroom fan but I can only get about 6 or 7 days
BillTedson 1 year ago
Your grow is coming along fella, and I love how you put your videos together. Not only do you speak about what is going on but we can hear you clearly as well. Too many channels here that show silent minute long clips or they do speak but you can't hear them. I won't mention names but the one getting thousands of views still in a day but has zero engagement on them usually has some crap going on in the background I can't hear a word he is saying

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