2x4 Autoflower Harvest! Yumbolt, Wedding Cake and White Widow!

2x4 Autoflower Harvest! Yumbolt, Wedding Cake and White Widow!



Published on April 28, 2021

Highigan On Youtube

Highigan! Weclome back to the 2x4 Grow Series! There is a lot going on behind the scenes at Highigan so we did miss some footage from this grow but they 3 we started in the following episode have finished out and we got the sickest macro shots or those ladies that are now drying

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Zoltrix Grower 3 months ago
I've never tried fox farms soil. To keep costs down I run promix hp and add worm castings and extra perlite and then I add microbes with my savings lol. I have considered trying a bit of coco mixed in like you did here though. Nice light by the way! Love the content you two make! Happy growing!
dopedev420 2 months ago
Leave it to the kitties, doing something they AREN'T supposed to be doing. LOL Mine everyday!
bluhousegrow 2 months ago
very nice lookin buds n plants happy growing
thealchemisti 2 months ago
Good job friend Look at my plants Subscribe to my channel
Fretbuzz 2 months ago
Soil is awesome and it is wonderful to see your grows looking happy and healthy! I chose DWC/Hydro to start my journey. I will grow in soil at some point but I just LOVE to geek out in my own personal laboratory ;)
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