2nd smoke session  results  are here

2nd smoke session results are here



Published on April 23, 2021
2nd smoke session talkin about the medical results of my test also smoking some good weed
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Zoltrix Grower 5 months ago
Smoking some Afghan with ya Kenny! Good to hear the good news man, scary stuff. I think the health care down there is messed up, we take for granted what we have in Canada. That's cool you are bud tending, get to take your work home with ya too lol. Never heard of the strain but it looks like it did the trick for ya lol. Take care Kenny, stay safe and happy growing man!
bobD 5 months ago
glad to hear your getting better sucks about the insurance stay safe stay high
DLgrower 5 months ago
Great video! Congrats on the news I personally know it sucks having to wait on test results like that I had to wait on test results for the exact same reason and method about 8 years ago. It came back clean just like yours but with years of taking acid reflux meds. I would never tell you to go against doctor's orders but if you would want to try to do this naturally this is how I did it. You can cut back on coffee, tea, Kool-Aid anything sugary, make sure you don't eat late in the day and try to stay away from extremely processed foods. Smoking cigarettes was part of the cause for me along with what I mentioned. I still struggle with it from time to time but nothing like it was and I'm not taking Prilosec or any other kind of medicine that actually kills the gut bacteria that levels out your acid levels. I use Tums chewables for the extreme bad days but that is very few and far in between. I am medicating with some XJ-13 from the local Dispensary. Great sesh dude, keep it lit!
rysbigbuds 5 months ago
Damn man that’s terrible that your insurance is being two faced. Looked like that borax was great. Hope all is well other then that. Bud tenter that sounds like a great job. Harvested both Afghans last night. Got about half of the bigger one done and man are they ever fat tight buds. Can’t wait to smoke some and get the lemon on the go. Stay safe, stay positive, happy growing and best of luck with all. Thoughts and prayers sent your way. Cheers man
adamwilson483 5 months ago
hi first time user on weed tube tryna grow some weed what advice would u give me u seem pretty informational I would love to hear what u have to say cheers peace
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