2021 outdoor harvest  twtgc

2021 outdoor harvest twtgc



Published on October 14, 2021

cutting down outdoor crop bud washing and hanging up in drying cabnet

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SKEastCoast 1 week ago
Looking good.
stoner1 1 week ago
nice harvest brother. I need to do some construction after the move to allow a separate veg and flower and dry areas. I'm going to run some of the gg4 you sent me on the next run. quick question, are they seeds you made of the gg4 or from a seed bank(just curious). I'm a very firm believer in bud washing. it may be in my head,but the smoke seems to be smoother.hope youall are well.keep growing and stay safe brother 🙏
rysbigbuds 2 days ago
Turned out another great crop. I use a drying rack. It hangs from my ceiling and is circular it’s about 24-30” across and can extend from 2-8 racks. Stay safe and happy growing CHEERS.
Thud 2 days ago
Nice haul Kenny! Tell me, how is tip toeing around doing for your Heals and Feet strength? Any relief? TIP: For White Powder Mold, Grow Safe Canola Oil Spray, up to the day of harvest. Use max strength as if you have Aphids! Makes plants shiny and well defended. Obliterates established WPM.
Highseeker 1 week ago
You will be filling some jars with that haul. Cheers!
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