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1st week of veg in the big room twtgc

1st week of veg in the big room twtgc

Published on March 26, 2022

just showing a week after transpotting and and veg in the big room with the viparspectrap2500 hope all enjoy and leave some comments share with a friend lets all learn with the blu house grow

Category : Growing/Gardening
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AardVark 8 months ago
It is always nice when you have larger areas to grow in. Easier on your back and definitely more airflow for the girls. Great job! TWTGC
Wabbit 8 months ago
looking very good man, your rotating fans i would turn around, have it blow into the wall, you wont be blowing those plants around right in front of the fan, i normally run both my fans in my 5 by 5 run backwards, they face a wall and are able to still move air around my tent with ease, keep it up my friend, stay safe and happy growing
SKEastCoast 8 months ago
Have you ever thought about buying one of those rotating tower fans? I feel like the big round one you have makes too much wind. That might stress out the plants a little. I have one in my veg room and it's aimed so the air in the room goes in a circle. The thing that matters is that air is moving. Love that little frosty auto bud.