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1500 ladie bugs twtgc

1500 ladie bugs twtgc

Published on December 03, 2020
letting ladie bugs free in grow room
Category : Growing/Gardening
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SKEastCoast 2 years ago
Nice. I hope it works. That spray I just bought killed my russet mites the first time I sprayed.
Right on Kenny those will keep your frontline protected and any other pests that may be in there now should get eradicated! Although I have never released 1500 of them at once! I normally put out 100 or so every week, but I am in tents so much smaller area! These cute little lady bugs are killers and do a great job! I normally spray water on the lower side of the plants every couple of days for the lady bugs to have access to water too! They will just keep laying eggs in your room as long as they have water and a food source inside your room! You may even wonder after they have killed your pests what are they eating to stay alive!? But it really is a fact that there are just so many little creepy crawlies everywhere in your house and your grow room! From dust mites to spiders to even fleas and other tiny bugs that really are everywhere! So as long as you are keeping water around for them to drink by spraying everyday or every other day they will continue to multiply! Duane.
Wabbit 2 years ago
all natural for the win kenny, solid like others have said though my wife would flip out she doesnt like bugs period, lol however that is a good bud to maintain a clean pest free grow, hope it helps buddy, stay safe and happy growing
That is cool Kenny, hope they keep it pest free for ya. My wife would freak! haha
DLgrower 2 years ago
Great idea, I like that your going the natural way! Good luck hope it works, Happy growing!

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