11 days in flower  n a tour  twtgc

11 days in flower n a tour twtgc



Published on April 09, 2021
talkin about how we as a community need to help one another treat each other as u want to be treated also a tour of the ladies at bluhousegrow
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base79 2 months ago
Completely agree with the rant bro. Had that same dude not mentioning no names cough cough. Kush Santa. Bro idgaf if you support me I support you and try and support everyone who seems real and genuine but people who do that shit I'm out period. fuck em. Happy growing bro. Love watching your videos even though your a Bama fan. lol. Go bucks. We coming for payback this year. Seen you got stuck for a second when you was trying to remember where you got those lights. lmao. happens to the best of us. that's when you know you got some good meds. lol
Zoltrix Grower 2 months ago
I agree on the self promoters Kenny. I get everything from advertising there channels to porn, drug and gun sales and they start replying to comments. I wish it was a little like youtube where that shit can be filtered out to not waste your time. I get a lot of subs too that they must unsub right after subbing. Your garden looks nice and full Kenny, happy growing!
Infalung78 2 months ago
right on Kenny I like what you have to say unfortunately people like that back then instead of do unto others as you would have them do unto you what they should say is do unto others and then split which is exactly what they do. Girls are looking really good Kenny they're really digging those high pressure sodium lights aren't they good for you happy growing brother catch you on the flip side. ✌
HiJenTea 2 months ago
Man the same thing happen to me. Not mentioning any names but he commented 4 to 5 times in one day about his youtube. This isn't the first time he has done it either. I not going to delete the comments cause I am not about censorship. But yeah I get excited when I get a comment. Not like this though. Those girls are bush and beautiful. lol Brand new lights so those ladies can shine lol Man Kenny you are blessed to have two grow rooms. Sk Coast created that gods lotto. Thats so cool man.
DLgrower 2 months ago
All your ladies are looking awesome! Great work! I have also had this happen so I'm sorry to say this but I started being selective with who I follow back. I want to be supportive of everybody but I started checking out and doing research before I follow back for a couple reasons. I have to find some kind of value in your content regardless of that being entertainment or info. Honestly followers and commenters are no different than friends some show up regardless some show up only when they want something. I just try to have empathy for them and not take it personal, it's the internet and a tool, some using it for personal, emotional use and some use it for strictly business I don't get to choose which they use it for I only get the choose what they use me for. Happy growing brother, Keep it lit!
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