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10 Reasons Why Us Moms Smoke Weed

10 Reasons Why Us Moms Smoke Weed

Published on October 07, 2020
Come join us on another vlog adventure as we talk about why we smoke weed! All of these reasons are OUR reasons. If you agree please comment down below or have any reasons of your own let us know down below!! Go grab your shit and lets get lit
Category : Vlog Life
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man for real sis! i be so stressed dealing with this kid! i gotta chill and take time to myself or we will be in trouble! since i started smoking again after a very long break. i was just at a stressed time. taking a me break gets me lit and i chill then go back to the problem and approach it calmly. my hair started growing back and i feel so much better as a person.
dopedev420 2 years ago
"mommy and daddy time" LMAO
Loving this content! Moms everywhere need to see how you can do it all!!! <3
KayaMoSmoke 2 years ago
definitely mind, body and soul