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¡¡ Post-Gym Sesh // First WeedTube Video !!

¡¡ Post-Gym Sesh // First WeedTube Video !!

Published on March 02, 2020

Hi guys! Thanks so much for watching my first video here on The WeedTube! A lot of stress and excitement have gone into it's making, so please don't be too harsh!

With that said, I would love any and all advice on how I can improve my videos! Anything from scripting, filming, audio, etc, I ju

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Category : LGBTQ Community
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Ericab 2 years ago
Hi Colton I'm Erica! I would love to know more about your job how working at a dispensary is! I would also love to learn more about some of your favorite products since you work at a dispensary and are probably familiar with so many products! It would also be fun to see some of your ratings and reviews of new products!
welcome <333 i'd love to see some beginner yoga poses!!!
Hey I genuinely enjoyed the video so keep it up! Also I have a shoutout system in the beginning of every video. If you'd like to participate go to my recent video and comment #jiply and send in a video submission of you smoking!