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$100 Concentrate Mystery Box from World Of Bongs & Dab Sesh | The Kawaii Stoner Babe

$100 Concentrate Mystery Box from World Of Bongs & Dab Sesh | The Kawaii Stoner Babe

Published on March 08, 2022

Looking back now, was this worth it? Everything was mini, the torch lighter, the mini Formula 420 Cleaner, the few stray cotton swabs. I didn't even get a carb cap! Should we do this again? Let me know what you think.

You can find the mystery boxeson the World of Bongs website at http://www.worldof

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Category : New Tubers
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I'm still trying to figure this app out...but I absolutely love your videos and I don't understand how you don't get so tongue tied saying your being line I love ot though...I thought about ordering me some stoner babe boxes I love the stuff you've been getting super cute....I work with your mister he showed me the pink keychains you have and the fuzzy ball that was super soft
TechNoWeb 8 months ago
I did not see $100.00 worth of product. The only item that might be worth $50 is the bong. everything else was just samples and you can pick up the lighter at any dollar store for 4 to 5 bucks every day. There are way better boxes out there that does not try and rip people off. I buy a weed box when they have a piece of glass I like, and you don't have to subscribe. There are others but if I were you I would not buy from these people anymore

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