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I am qgp710, Master of oil bending.

I experiment with high end quartz, inserts, concentrates.

Stick around, i will release 1 video every month, then every week, then everyday

I will show off my 10K$+ collection and give my 100% HONEST opinion on HIGH END QUARTZ, what QUARTZ BANGER YOU SHOULD BUY FOR WHAT PURPOSE, which CAPS DOES THE BEST JOB/FITS THE MOST NAILS? Which TERP PEARL has the highest heat retention? For HOW LONG? Which one is the MOST DURABLE? The MOST CONDUCTIVE? How much do they stick in your banger? Which is the cheapest alternative?

We will talk about SiC, Quartz, Ruby, Moissanite, Polycrystalline, Mono crystalline, Shinju, Diamondium and other surface onto which we can dab.

Subscribe so you don't miss! my highly informational video on next level dabbing tech!

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