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Hey fellow stoners!!!!

First off, thank you from the bottom of my heart for viewing my page. It means a lot to me!

My name is Cameron, but i go by Cam most the time. I live in beautiful state of Colorado (and yes, that means i get stoned, shhhhhh) and enjoy it very much so!

I have been a cannabis patient for the last 6 years and have been in the Cannabis industry for just as long. However, most recently i decided to be my own boss, taking on whatever roles and jobs i can find which has ultimately led to The Weedtube. With all the content being created and every opportunity to make something of myself online, i am taking a shot and giving it a go!

So why "TheAnxiousStoner" as your handle?

Its quite simple really, I have social anxiety and I am a stoner. It just made sense to


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