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One of Banff's biggest potheads, Rudeboy 4 Life, Captain of Sexy, Home growing guru, ACMPR consultant, founder of the 420-Grow-It Collective, medical marijuana patient, grower and educator, twitch streamer, manager of the verbal assassin Tru Tecknique. (Check out Colorado's best rapper on Spotify, Youtube and Soundcloud! New records coming soon yo!)

Captain Dred's been relegated to Instagram lately thanks to Youtube, but some funny peeps I like told me at the recent Hempfest that weedtubers have moved here! So maybe I can start doing The Str8tDop3 with Captain Dred properly again! Tune in, and let's talk dope, music, medicine and growing! HMU if you wanna be a guest on the show, or if you need to buy a complete home growing kit that won't break the bank! Let's get growing Canada! Follow

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