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FAQ & Rules - TheWeedTube

Frequently Asked Questions & Rules

We are constantly improving our technology to make the platform the best it can be. If you experience ANY issues at all, please email [email protected] or send The WeedTube a DM with your issue. We will do everything we can to fix it and your report helps us fix problems for future users!

Keep in mind that mainstream social platforms have hundreds or thousands of testers making their platform better everyday. We rely on the feedback of our community to make improvements. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

Please abide by these rules or it may lead to an immediate termination of your account and all content within your profile. Terminations are irrecoverable. Please be aware that this website is designed for ages 21+ depending on your state, and abides by all US laws regarding cannabis or users country. Also please keep in mind this is a labor of love and just the beginning.  Due to the onslaught of channels being deleted from other platforms, we pushed up the date to give instant refuge to our amazing community; we will only get better for you from here!! Thank you for being patient with us as we grow to bring you all the features you desire. We love you all and please keep this a beautiful place to share a progressive, positive movement.

1. Why are SRT files required?

You DO NOT have to upload an SRT file. When uploading a video there are two language dropdowns. The first one is for the language of the video's audio and the second is for the subtitle language. If it says you need to upload a SRT file please ensure you do not have the second dropdown filled.

2. Can I change my username?

Yes, you can change your username by clicking on your profile and selecting settings.

3. What file types are supported?

Currently, TheWeedTube supports a vast range of file-types including MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, M4V, MKV and many more.

4. Are there any limits to video size?

Currently, TheWeedTube has a 15GB file size limit on desktop and a 500MB file size limit on mobile. This limit cannot be upgraded for anyone.

5. What quality is allowed?

TheWeedTube currently supports a number of qualities including 4k, 1080p, 720p, 480p, 240p & 144p. We also accept all frame rates including 60FPS, 30FPS & 24FPS. For the smoothest experience, we recommend uploading 1080p30fps. TheWeedTube does not currently support 360° content. For the smoothest experience, TheWeedTube doesn’t recommend anything above 1080p.

6. What if my upload fails?

If your upload fails, please submit a ticket to our Ticket Portal

7. What am I allowed to upload?

Almost anything! The reason we started TheWeedTube was because we got booted off our own platform, YouTube! At TheWeedTube, we want to ensure that cannabis creators are celebrated, not censored. Please be aware that this website is ages 21+ depending on your state, and abides by all federal US laws regarding cannabis. We have a strict Terms of Service & no-tolerance policy against content that contains or promotes nudity, harmful or dangerous content, hateful content, violent or graphic content, harassment, cyberbullying, spam, misleading metadata, scams, threats against others, copyrighted content, impersonation or child endangerment. Failure to follow these rules may lead to the immediate termination of your account. 

8. Can I Use Copyrighted Music?


9. Can we upload videos from other social platforms (ex. YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram) to TheWeedTube?

No. You cannot embed a video from another platform, but you can upload the same content you upload here to other social platfroms. Please review the Rules and Terms of Service before uploading.


10. How are videos monetized on TheWeedTube?

To be monetized on TheWeedtube.com your channel must have a minimum of 420 subscribers. Currently, TheWeedTube has to manually calculate the views through our analytics to ensure who is eligible for monetization. If your channel is eligible, we will reach out to get your address and contact info to send a check. Creator payouts are based on your eligible views in a monthly period. 

Updates To TheWeedTube Creator Payout System

11. What does “Monetized” mean on TheWeedTube?

Monetized channels or “Partnered Creators” are channels that earn money for their views on TheWeedTube. TheWeedTube pays 52% of the monthly profits from video advertising to their creators. Each monetized creator earns their portion of profits from the total monthly views. 

12. What is a “View”?

TheWeedTube defines a “view” as anything longer than 5 seconds viewed of the actual video content. If the advertisement plays but the video does not, that is not a view. If a user comes to the view page but does not click play, that does not count as a view. 

TheWeedTube website and app unfortunately track each “page view” as a “video view”. At this time TheWeedTube uses a 3rd party system to verify all the “views” on TheWeedTube to ensure the authentic “view” count. 

13. Can I delete my account?

Yes, please be sure as this cannot be undone. In app: click on the left navigation (three lines), click on your profile image, click settings,  the option to delete your account will appear. Again please be sure as this CANNOT be undone.

14. Can I livestream on TheWeedTube?

TheWeedTube hopes to have the ability to livestream soon! Just not quite yet! 

15. I am having an issue on theweedtube.com?

If you are experiencing an issue on TheWeedTube.com please submit a ticket to our Ticket Portal. Include your Username, Device type and describe the issue you are having in detail. (Example. Weedtuber, iPhone 8+, When clicking the like button, it does not like the video).

16. How to Upload to TheWeedTube

Uploading to TheWeedTube is as simple as a few clicks! To upload to TheWeedTube, ensure you complete the following steps. Failure to follow all the steps will result in your upload failing, and a lot of time being lost! So follow carefully! Its recommended that you use Google Chrome browser when trying to upload.

Step 1:

Click the green “Upload Video” button at the top right of the webpage.

Step 2:

Click on the upload page and it will allow you to choose your video file. If you receive an error on this page please try disabling any type of ad blocking software as this may conflict with the upload page itself.

Step 3:

Once you choose a video it will begin to upload and you can now fill out the video information. Including the title, description, thumbnail, tags, and category. We recommend a minimum of 2-3 sentences in your video description to optimize your content. The description is a great place to add a little extra fun to your content! Within the description, you can link your social profiles, the glass used in the video (even affiliate links) or even write a few sentences to make your content stand out from the crowd. If you create a detailed video on how to make cannabutter, it may be valuable to write down a few steps or even link out to where users can buy the items you feature in the video. Do not spam links or affiliate links or your content will be removed.

Step 4:

The video upload works in two processes. It first has to complete uploading, then fully complete processing. The processing may take some additional time. Once you complete all the steps on the form a green “Submit” button will appear. When you click Submit, it will say "We will notify you when your video will go live." After clicking submit it may take some additional time to publish. Please allow 30 minutes - 1 hour..

Step 5:

Add tags. If you are familiar with YouTube tags, treat these tags the exact same way. Tags are what are people use to better discover your content. Let’s say you do a giant dab from your favorite bong. Now you can upload it right to the weedtube category, but what if you want people who are specifically looking for a giant slab dab? This is where tags can help. Use tags to help people better discover your videos. Here are some example tags: Bong, Streamroller, Dab Rig, Big Dab, Slab Dab, Weed Comedy, Giant Bong, Weed Games, Joints, Blunts, Hotbox. Things that signify what is going on within the content should be added to the tags. Please keep tags down to a minimum each video. Less is more on TheWeedTube.

Additional Information

Please be sure to leave your browser open when uploading!! TheWeedTube is not like YouTube in the sense that it can resume uploads. If you close your browser mid-upload, you must start from the beginning.

If you spam excessive links, tags or other things in the description of your video, your content will be flagged by our spam queue. We will not remove or release any content from the spam queue, so please upload appropriately.

If you encounter any issues while using the website, please submit a ticket to our Ticket Portal.

Happy Uploading!!