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How To Advertise Cannabis Products and Services to More People and Grow Your Audience With Cannabis Commercials on WeedTube - which currently holds the largest library of commercial advertisements for the cannabis industry.

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WeedTube was launched in early 2018 by a community of content creators who had been affected by the YouTube cannabis marketing purge, with the company shutting down accounts with cannabis-related content at an unprecedented rate. The group of co-founders banded together to effectively create an entirely new, adults-only, digital video-based social network that embraces rather than condemns cannabis.

What is WeedTube?

An adults-only online community of cannabis users and enthusiasts, and the first video-based social network to offer cannabis companies commercial-style advertising. Learn more about our history and what brought this platform together on our about page.

BloombergSince the creation of our site and the launch of our mobile app, the content has shifted with the needs of our creators. You may have seen hundreds of smoking challenges in the past, but the community has since adapted to the educational and review sphere. There are still hundreds of challenges and creative projects such as Trucks That Get You High and an Arcade Game Grow Box and we welcome this content whole-heartedly. As legalization continues to become a possibility, we aim to be an informational source you can turn to when you're not sure how to use the latest strains. What is Delta8? What is HHC? These are questions our users have answered through ingeniuty, research, and testimonials. Hear from a Mom who smokes weed or listen to an interview with some of the best cannabis industry professionals. Whatever you're looking for, you're bound to find something to entertain you on WeedTube. We are excited to bring you the best in cannabis content as our site grows and we express sincere gratitude to our users for making the platform what it is today. 

As we continue to grow, WeedTube strives to provide all services with integrity.

Our mission is to provide for the community, and provide a change in perception of cannabis around the world.

We are working hard to consistently create a platform that services our community in the best ways possible. 

We just want people to be allowed to post cannabis content and not have to worry about violating community guidelines in the process. 

GreenEntrepreneurWith mass legalization of medicinal and recreational cannabis happening at a rapid rate across the country, mainstream social media platforms like Instagram have a key responsibility to allow a fair and equal opportunity to legally operating businesses and content creators within that industry. Instagram has been actively suppressing and deleting accounts and content related to legal cannabis for years. The deletion of this content, posted by creators who are consuming their product legally or brands within the industry that operate legally, significantly prevents fair and equal marketing opportunities in a rapidly growing industry. The legal operating cannabis industry demands that Instagram update the current policies relating to cannabis to properly reflect the current legal standings across the country and more transparently regulate what content is allowed. The industry as a whole is more than willing to operate within any properly outlayed policies, and would be willing to aid Instagram in their regulatory processes as well. If Instagram fails to make these changes the platform will be excessively responsible for creating an unfair monopoly within an industry that has incredible opportunity for small businesses owned by a diverse collective of individuals. 

Where is the best place to advertise your cannabis product or service online? WeedTube currently holds the largest library of commercial advertisements in the video space for the cannabis industry.

"We love the highly targeted audience that the WeedTube has garnered! Our CTR is way beyond the industry standard. It's definitely money well spent." 

- Tank Glass

MJBizDailyCannabis has now been legalized for medicinal use in 37 states while 18 states have legalized recreationally. As cannabis reform happens across our country and our neighbor to the north Canada legalized federally in 2018, the growth of the cannabis industry has been explosive to say the least. When taking into consideration this rapid growth of an industry, the majority of the cannabis community is in agreement that the industry must remain an equal opportunity playing field for all. Especially in these critical times prior to full federal legalization at which time many large corporations will begin their journey into the world of cannabis. Instagram and other social media platforms like it play a large part in the success of these smaller businesses within the industry, and it’s important to hold the platform accountable in this regard. 

Instagram’s current “policy” as it relates to cannabis prohibits: “attempts by individuals, manufacturers and retailers to purchase, sell or trade” marijuana. This policy would be an acceptable one if that was the only type of content and accounts to receive the heavy regulation that often ends in the permanent deletion of accounts. However, accounts are often deleted without violating this current policy. Once the accounts are deleted, no guidance is given from Instagram about how the account holder can then work within the policy in the future. Read more and sign the petition here! 

In 2021 WeedTube Served over 11 MILLION cannabis advertising impressions to the cannabis industry and was the leader in marijuana and cannabis marketing.

"WeedTube aims to fill the void. We would definitely recommend any other company in the niche to give them a try. The platform allows us to directly brand ourselves to potential customers that fit our industry's target audience." 

- Cali Connected

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Easy campaigns for marijuana products on cannabis content channels make cannabis marketing at WeedTube unrivaled by competitors. 

We now offer location specific services for cannabis product commercials!

Commercial advertising is best utilized to gain brand exposure and educate consumers on your product(s) or brand message. Companies looking to partner with WeedTube in other ways, please reach out to [email protected] to inquire about opportunities. Pay Per View advertising works exactly how it sounds, with discounted prices given at higher tier counts. We have a 7% click-through rate! Due to the highly-targeted nature of our site, you'll reach more people who want to buy cannabis-related products.

"Advertising with WeedTube (WT) has immensely fueled the growth of our business, with cannabis related products generally violating advertising policies on major platforms, WT has created an opportunity for our website to finally reach our target audience. Through WT advertising opportunities, we have seen a high CTR leading to conversions and return customers. Working with WeedTube is like working with family."

- The Horny Stoner

Stats & Demographics

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We are happy to work with clients to maximize their abilities on our platform. We now offer location specific services and can tailor client needs to their targeted demographic. You can advertise with banners, commercials, giveaways, or e-mail marketing on WeedTube.

Pay-Per View Pricing & Impression Packs

Pay Per View advertising works exactly how it sounds, with discounted prices given at higher tier counts. These ad campaigns are not designed to expire in any set time frame as they are showcased in equal rotation with all other PPV ads.

WeedTube Advertising PricesWeedTube Commercial PricingWeedTube Monthly Pricing

If you have any questions about cost, requirements, or services available please contact us at [email protected] and we would be more than happy to assist with starting your campaign. 

Our commitment to our users is unwavering and their commitment to supporting brands that advertise is represented in our analytics.

We consistently work with brands to give them significant exposure to the best of our ability and we're very excited to work with you on your advertising campaign on WeedTube!

Email [email protected] to get started or visit our self-service ad form down below to get started with advertising your cannabis product or service today!