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  • 4/20: Working for the Future | The Busiest Day in the Cannabis Industry

Whether 4/20 is your holy holiday or your working nightmare the day holds a special place in any cannabis users heart. For many it is a day to rejoice in the freedoms of cannabis consumption- oh look how far we have come! And for others it’s the busiest, most stressful day of the year- working events, promoting companies, selling products and the list goes on. From the outside looking in, it is all rather glamorous isn’t it? 4/20 is the d-AY to part-AY, am I right? Well to some degree yes, but for those behind the scenes in the cannabis industry, it can be the busiest day of the year!

The sweet afternoon bells ringing in 4:20PM can’t come soon enough and while it may be exciting to be behind the scenes, viewpoints on how the holiday goes down varies from person to person: “Working on 4/20 in the cannabis industry is imperative. It’s a bummer to miss out on the festivities but it’s equally as exciting to be the one putting the festivities on!” – Arend, @arendrichard “For everyone in the cannabis community, 4/20 is the most important holiday by far. The main thing is deciding how you’re going to make the most of it, and actually sticking with that decision because a million events, meet ups and smoke outs are happening everywhere. Whether it’s vendors, glass blowers or influencers, there is definitely a spirit of celebration in the air and everyone comes together to smoke; and look forward to the future of cannabis.” – Tim, @stonedalone    “It’s like Christmas, but better! Love the giving and receiving of all the tasty chronic while doing customer service for TheWeedTube and taking orders/shipping apparel with GoStoner.” – Ryan, @gostoner “Working on 420 within the cannabis industry is one the best days in the community! The vibe is the day makes the creativity flow and you can have some of the most amazing ideas during that time. It might seem not as fun to work on the stoner holiday, but the extra festivities are always a blast!” - Brandon, @mystonerlife “Working in cannabis on 420 is like sharing the love with all of your friends. Sharing smoke and wisdom!    Sitting around chillin and enjoying life the way it should be lived. Cannabis makes us all peaceful…” - Melissa, @StonerrMama “I always hated having to work on 4/20! I swear my managers knew I was a stoner because they would never give me the day off. Feeling super blessed to have a job now that allows me to celebrate the holiday properly!” – Mackenzie, @MacDizzle420 “I always look forward to 4/20, but I don't usually celebrate it like everyone else does.

It’s a busy business day for any cannabis related company. My first 4/20 as an adult was spent packing a ‘Super Blunt’ that held about an ounce and smoking it with some friends in an apartment. Since I started working in the cannabis industry years ago as a bud tender its become a different kind of celebration! Still smoking lots of blunts but also making sure everyone else in the community is having a good time by either providing fire cannabis or helping at an event, or like this year running a cannabis entertainment site for our whole community. I love being able to give back to this amazing community.” - Spike, @stoneyspike Regardless of what you do on 4/20… facilitate a gathering, sell pieces and products, party, launch something new… THANK YOU!! Without a united force we are nothing. Cannabis legalization has come this far due to the brave people willing to risk their lives advocating for cannabis and I am honored to be a small part of it.

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4/20: Working for the Future | The Busiest Day in the Cannabis Industry
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