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  • Will Mexico legalize recreational cannabis?

Mexico may become the 3rd country in the world to fully legalize marijuana for recreational use! Currently Canada and Uruguay both have fully legalized marijuana.

In mid-October, the Mexican Senate released a 42-page draft legislation to legalize recreational cannabis.

If the bill passes, Mexico will have the largest cannabis market in the world by population, according to Marijuana Business Daily. Mexico has a population of more than 125 million people, significantly higher than Uruguay with 3.4 million and Canada with 37.5 million.

Mexico's drinking age is 18 and their marijuana legalization proposal will follow in suit. Adults 18 and over will be able to purchase and possess marijuana. However, recreational users won't be able to purchase edibles or infused drinks. Only medical patients will have access to them.

An interesting part of the bill is that licensing priority will go to low-income individuals, small farmers and indigenous people, instead of prioritizing large businesses. This could really help their economy by providing more job opportunities and giving the everyday person a chance to join the industry.

A lot of other points in their legislation emulate those of various legal countries and states. For example, the consumption of cannabis is only allowed in private. They will also be very strict with their packaging regulations. The packaging cannot contain people or fictional characters, in an attempt to not lure children. 

Mexico will be setting up an agency, the Cannabis Institute, which will oversee the entire marijuana industry from potency limits to issuing licenses. This will help keep a common ground in the industry, unlike the US where each state has different laws concerning cannabis.

If this bill passes, the US will be sandwiched in between 2 recreationally legal countries! I think Mexico is on the right path and we may sooner rather than later see them legalize recreational cannabis!




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Will Mexico legalize recreational cannabis?
WiserMan 3 years ago
'Afraid it doesn't mean that. With Republicans in Charge I see No Way the Crooked Senate will DisObey the Alchohol Dictators & Do ANYTHING that might disrupt that Industry & Big Pharma SURE doesn't want AnyOne to have Pain Relief that Doesn't contribute to Pharm's Bottom Line !
Mr.FloGrown420 3 years ago
I hope they pass it! US will have to follow then