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Thank you so much to everyone who is patiently awaiting the release of the iPhone app. Our team has been working day and night to perfect this app for the past three weeks, to make sure we take all the proper steps we can to be approved by Apple.

In the interest of transparency and to help stop the spread of misinformation, TheWeedTube team would like to fully disclose the process that has unfolded over the last three weeks.

If any of you are unsure as to why the iPhone app isn't out yet... read on. As many of you know, we planned to launch our app on 4/20 when we revamped the new website. This was the plan until Apple gave us that dreaded 6 letter word, DENIED. Only days before our scheduled launch date, Apple denied us for “not having the proper precautions” in place. They wanted more of a reporting feature to report “abusive content.” These were features that we had intended to put into the next version of the app. With a little bit of re-strategizing we have been able to add these features to comply with Apples’ needs (currently viewable and usable on the android app and website).

Once these issues were fixed, we re-submitted. Apple took two days before denying us again. Citing “excessive use” in our promoted content. They also expressed concern for a lack of ability to “block” users. In the interest of transparency, we have to be honest and let you know that this was a feature we had not heavily considered until this time. We are lucky that this was the only feature we hadn’t considered (it could have been worse). Our team jumped to action to immediately and began developing the blocking feature and blocked user management panel. As of now these features have been added (currently viewable and usable on the android app and website) to the Apple app.

As far as the “excessive use”... we kind of agree with Apple, in that we realized we needed to put the best possible face forward for the community that we could. Hopefully some of you have seen our CEO, Arend Richard’s actions in having the community build up new educational content and less “crazy consumption” content. We’ve also rearranged the homepage and the content we promote to ensure the next time Apple looks at our app they will see the positive uplifting community that deserves a spot on the Apple store.

Now to ensure that this app gets accepted in our next submission, we have been doing even more research into potential threats to the apps success. For the past several weeks we have consulted with lawyers, app developers, support teams and account managers. Ensuring that every precaution is taken.

There has also been two significant issues we have been facing with the Apple app from the development perspective. First, there’s an issue with our video player integration when it comes to certain Iphone softwares. This issue would mean inability to click on video advertisements. Of course our advertisers are very important to us, and we are using this opportunity to properly refine the player. However, this issue is one that requires third party support. Some of you may know that any time a third party is involved, things move a little slower. The second issue is similar to the first in that it relates to advertising. The way the banner ads on the site and app are showing are not ideal, however this issue has recently began to come together into a full fix.

At this very moment we are waiting until essentially ALL bugs are fixed. At the direction of our CEO and Co-Founder Arend Richard, we have decided that presenting Apple with not only a “fixed” app, but a redefined showcase of the community. As well as going above and beyond with new feature implementation, should provide us with a positive response from them. By taking the time to do this right, we can hopefully ensure our progress.  

We want to thank each and every single one of you that has stuck with us through this journey. We know we promised you an app on 4/20, and are truly sorry to each and every single one of you. Not only did we let you, our viewers down, but we have let the community down. While we do believe that it is slightly unfair that Apple denied us (due to many other cannabis related apps that are underdeveloped and promote overconsumption). We would like to thank you for sticking with us through this tough time. Your support has meant the world to us, and we wouldn't have the potential for this app in the first place.

We want you to know we are still working day and night on the app. We are in the final stretch, and waiting for one company to provide us the information we need to resubmit. Once we get this information, we will resubmit the Apple app and await their decision.

All of this said. WE WILL have an app on the Apple store for you. And the app that you will get is worth waiting for. If you have any friends with an android phone, ask them to have a look at how the app functions. We can promise you, that you are going to LOVE TheWeedTube app.

We want to also make it clear that we have the utmost respect for Apple and we hope to be a part of their family of apps soon.

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Where is TheWeedTube Apple App?
grrgrrt 3 years ago
Unfortunate that this is taking place! My partner's bummed out because I have full access (Android boiiii) and she's still waiting for the Apple release... Sounds like you've almost got it all sorted <3 All the best x
Simple.Sprout 3 years ago
Sounds frustrating;-;
amandamarie0808 3 years ago
I can’t wait!!!! The suspense is killing me!! Great job guys I’m sure they will approve it this time!!!! Go team go!!
sleepy_stoner 3 years ago
As a viewer and new content creator, I truly appreciate all the hard work that everyone is putting in to make this app the best it can be. I can’t wait to use it in the future❤️
hotboxmama 3 years ago
It will all be perfect timing. Beautiful things come from situations like this ✨