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What is July 10th? The number “710” is associated with the cannabis holiday "710 day" or "dab day" and is celebrated on 7/10 annually.

We all know how 420 has become the cannabis holiday, 4/20. The 710 celebration has come to know many names such as dab day, oil day, and of course 710 day. The holiday is usually celebrated by smoking cannabis extraction on 7/10.

Get your vape ready and your rig set with this 710 playlist complete with what dabbing is and why people do it as well as videos on oil and concentrates to help teach you all about live resin, the benefits, what the holiday means, and even how to make your own cannabis rosin! The holiday for consuming cannabis oil is finally upon us and it may just be the best day of the year! Find a new way to celebrate July 10th with these highly potent picks on the curated 7/10 playlist!


Celebrate cannabis and dab day with the full playlist here!


What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

Behind 710 day we have the cannabis flower and the many ways you can extract maximum potency. Dabs are what we call a concentrated form of cannabis that has been extracted into BHO. They are consumed in a dab rig, terp pen, or vape pens. Concentrates and oils vaporize in the range of 400-600°F, whereas smoking bud happens at around 350°F. 

How To Take A Dab


Why Dab?

Disposable butane lighters could potentially produce flames as hot as 4,074 degrees Fahrenheit - which is why you should be using a hemp wick to get the most out of your flower. Although a hemp wick burns at a lower temperature than a butane lighter, it still burns at 1500 degrees or more. There are many devices like dry-herb vaporizers and oil vaporizers which have the temperature down to an exact science. 

How to Take the Perfect Dab & Checkout YoDabbaDabba Products!


A typical dab rig looks similar to a bong- it has a mouthpiece connected to a chamber with water, except instead of a bowl for bud there is a “nail” for dabs. Because of the high temperatures needed to dab, the nail is usually heated with a torch and allowed to cool to the right temperature before dropping in a dab or “glob”.

Watch Mac Explain It In This Video - TEACHING MY BF HOW TO DAB!!!


Dabbing has become a popular way to consume cannabis concentrates because of the swiftness in nature that the high takes effect and the potency of the effects. For this reason, dabbing is sometimes the recommended consumption method for individuals in need of rapid relief of various symptoms. 

When extracting oils for dabbing, the cannabis is refined in the extraction process thus eliminating the need to smoke plant material that may be harsh on the lungs. 

What Is The History of 710?

Much like how 420 has been used to describe weed, the next weed holiday after 4/20 is 710. The number “710” has since become associated with dabbing because when you turn the number 710 upside-down, it looks like the word “OIL” which is what some cannabis enthusiasts refer to as concentrates, or dabs, because of the oil-like sheen they morph into when heated. Behind 710 day we have the cannabis flower and the many ways you can extract maximum potency. Dabs are what we call a concentrated form of cannabis that has been extracted into BHO.

What Is BHO?

Butane hash oil is any cannabis extract that was produced through an extraction process using butane as the primary solvent, and is most commonly referred to by the acronym BHO. It encompasses several specific types of concentrates, each of which is defined by its unique texture and consistency. These include wax, crumble, sauce, shatter, and more. The specific type of concentrate produced from BHO depends on the strain of marijuana used, as well as the apparatus and techniques applied to the production process.


Watch the playlist here or scroll down to see some of our favorites!

Taking My First Dab– Seshin with Dev

Sesh with DopeDev420 as she takes her first dab to celebrate 1,000 subscribers on WeedTube!


How to Use the DynaVap Vaporizer

Looking for new 710 gadgets? Check out this tutorial on how to use the Vap Cap battery-free vaporizer from DynaVap!

My New Fav Legal Dabs– Concentrate Review

Join Blunt_Bae_ as she reviews Terple Fresh Frozen Hash Rosin by Nugz, purchased in Ontario, Canada.


Stache Rig in One Review

Check out this dab rig review, and visit CannaChristiana’s WeedTube profile for more 710 content and reviews!


1st Time Pressing Rosin?!?

Pressing Rosin For Beginners

Looking for a DIY project this 7/10? Check out SilkySlim416’s video on pressing rosin for the first time; and check out his page for cannabis cultivation content!


Hash Rosin Session with Yola

Sesh with DopeAsYola and friends as they smoke 3 eighth jars of rosin! And be sure to check Yola’s WeedTube channel for content and videos exclusive to WeedTube!!


Stop Killing Your Wax

Need tips on how to make your wax and other concentrates last the entirety of 7/10 weekend? Check out this video from Slinky the Count

Watch The Full 7/10 Playlist Here!

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The Ultimate 7/10 Celebration

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