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    Kief: gold to some and a mystery to others. Kief can be seen by the naked eye on most marijuana nugs; it's the tiny white or tan crystals on the bud. Kief is the pollen of the cannabis plant and contains high levels of THC and other cannabinoids and terpenes, making it a higher concentrated form of cannabis. Many stoners collect the kief and save it for a special day. Some don't even realize they've collected it and when they do they don't know what to do with it.

    There's actually a lot that can be done with kief. The easiest way to use those beautiful crystals is to put some on top of a bowl for an extra boost into stony space. Or you can sprinkle some into a joint or blunt for the same effect.

    Now for the not faint-at-heart, full kief bowls, joints, and blunts are also an awesome option. My only suggestion is to use a tiny bit of weed at the bottom of the bowl to keep from losing the kief right down the bowl. Or put some bud at the tip of the joint or blunt to keep from inhaling the tiny kief particles. But it's literally as easy as using kief in place of weed.

    A fancier way to use kief would be to make moon rocks. Moon rocks are cannabis nugs soaked in oil or rolled in wax then dipped in kief. If you have some nugs and left over dabs, then you're ready to roll--- pun intended! All you have to do is roll your nug in melted wax or oil. It's best to put the nug on a toothpick to keep your fingers clean. Once the nug is nice and sticky, dip it into the kief. Cover the whole thing until it isn't sticky anymore. And bam! You just made a moon rock! (See below for a video tutorial.)

    Another option is to make cannabutter from your extra kief. Literally just replace ground cannabis flower in any recipe with kief. Just remember kief is higher concentrated than regular cannabis so use less in your recipe to keep the potency closer to the recipe's total. Or use the same amount and get some super strong edibles.

    Collecting kief is a good way to lift your spirits on a gloomy day. There's nothing better than a high booster, especially a free one! If you don't have a grinder, hop on Amazon and shop their many inexpensive options! Headshops in my experience charge significantly more so Amazon is my top choice.

    Most grinders have 3 chambers; one where the weed gets ground, one where the weed is caught and one where the kief is collected.

    Cleaning out your grinder is important to keep it functioning correctly. If the screen gets clogged the kief can't fall through so no kief will collect. A paint brush works great to dust the screen clean. A cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol works on those sticky spots around the teeth and rim of each chamber. With some maintenance your grinder will have a longer, more productive life.

    Enjoy your kief my friends and stay high!


Moon Rocks Tutorial:

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What to do with kief
WolfGangMan 2 years ago
Keif is just so satisfying!
Constance 2 years ago
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LitaReg05 1 year ago
Thanks so much for sharing. I will definitely be collecting my Kief for later use.
Thud 1 year ago
Kief is not green...