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    In the modern world of cannabis there are countless forms of the plant besides the usual cannabis flower. A very popular and still rather new form would be cannabis concentrates. Concentrates have exceptionally higher levels of THC than plain old bud, but that's what we love about them! There are quite a few forms of concentrates and in today's article we will be covering 4 different types.

    First let's explain concentrates or dabs as many people call them. Concentrates are a more concentrated (hence the name) form of cannabis. They are made by processing the plant until only selected compounds are left, like specific cannabinoids or terpenes. Concentrates can contain anywhere from 60-99% THC. There are CBD concentrates on the market as well, the only difference is that they usually don't contain THC. 

    Today I will be covering 4 different types of dabs; wax, shatter, live resin and distillate.

    First is wax. Wax is processed by using a chemical solvent on cannabis materials to separate the cannabinoids. Butane or ethanol are most commonly used but there are some natural solvents less popularly used like water, ice, CO2 and freezing temperatures. It can actually be a very dangerous process and it's not unheard of for amateurs to blow up their homes when attempting to create wax using butane. Wax has a crumbly, waxy texture (no pun intended). It can be dabbed, vaped or thrown on top of a bowl or in a blunt. Wax is probably the most affordable and popular concentrate on our list.

    Next up is shatter. Shatter is very similar to wax as it's extracted using the methods listed above. Shatter gets its name from it's look and texture. It almost looks like glass as it's translucent and shatters like glass. What makes shatter different is instead of mixing and shaking the concentrate, causing the individual molecules to make the concentrates appearance cloudy, it is left alone. This gives the molecules the ability to stack neatly, giving the clean glass look.

    One of the more flavorful concentrates on the list is live resin. Live resin has elevated terpene content, which is what gives it it's strong flavor and scent. It is extracted from the live plant unlike wax and shatter, which are extracted from cured flower. Live resin is made by flash freezing the plant only minutes after harvest, then extracting the tasty terpene filled concentrate. Live resin is one of the pricier concentrates on our list.

    Lastly is distillate. Distillate is the purest form of concentrates on today's list. What makes distillate different is the final product is completely stripped of all compounds except a specific cannabinoid, like THC or CBD. Since it's stripped of the terpenes, distillate is odorless and flavorless, which is why it's used quite often in edibles. Distillate can be dabbed, vaped and used to make edibles and topicals. 

    Concentrates are not for the faint of heart with their ridiculously high THC content but are a huge hit among the stoner community. So dab responsibly and enjoy the ride! And as I always say, "A dab'll do ya."


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