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The world of hemp is an interesting one, and it’s about to get even more exciting as more and more US states and countries around the world are legalizing the plant for recreational use, allowing manufacturers to develop new substances and products to meet the ever-growing demand from customers.

One of those recent developments is a new psychoactive cannabinoid known as HHC, or hexahydrocannabinol, if you prefer the more scientific name. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the substance and why it’s generating so much buzz among hemp enthusiasts.

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the New Cannabinoid

There are many cannabinoids available on the market, and it’s easy to get lost in the wide range of choices offered by manufacturers. So, what exactly is HHC, and why is it better than other substances you can get online?

What is HHC?

First and foremost, HHC is a psychoactive substance, just like THC. In fact, it’s often derived from THC, and their chemical profiles are relatively similar, meaning that the effects and benefits of taking HHC will closely resemble THC, which you might be already familiar with. 

One key difference between HHC and THC, though, is that the former is the synthesized version, meaning that you’ll need much less HHC to experience desired effects, including the pleasant feeling of being high.

HHC's chemical profile is similar to THC

Is HHC legal?

Even though HHC is a psychoactive substance, its legal status differs significantly from THC, which is regulated in the US. Because HHC is naturally present in hemp, it’s legal at the federal level, as is growing and cultivating industrial hemp.

On the contrary, THC is derived from cannabis plants, which are federally regulated, and so are the substances derived from the plant. In short, it’s the distinction between the two plants that contributes to the legal status being different for some cannabinoids, so you need to make sure where the substance you want to buy comes from. 


How is HHC made?

There are a couple of ways manufacturers approach synthesizing HHC. The substance can be derived from CBD, THC, or Delta-8, depending on the proprietary process and the laws in the manufacturer’s state. Essentially, there’s no difference for the customer when it comes to how HHC is made for their products, so manufacturers are free to choose the method that suits them most, creating high-quality products at a lower cost, which will then be translated into lower prices.



HHC’s chemical profile is very similar to that of THC, so they share many benefits, such as the feeling of relaxation, pain relief, and euphoria. One key difference between the two is that HHC is much more potent than THC, so you’ll get to your desired experience faster and with much less substance. While it might sound exciting at first, keep in mind that you should pay more attention to how much HHC you take because of how potent it is. 

One downside to HHC is the fact that the amounts are relatively low in hemp plants, and the extraction process hasn’t been perfected yet because it’s a new substance on the market. With that, we’re awaiting many advancements in the manufacturing processes, which will drive the price down and deliver a much higher-quality product that has the potential of becoming customers’ favorite.

HHC Chemical Compound


HHC Products

Because HHC was introduced recently, the selection of products isn’t as wide as with well-established substances, such as THC or CBD. Still, given the popularity of hemp, and HHC in particular, it’s only a matter of time before we see more products available online.

For now, we encourage you to try those products that are available to see for yourself what the HHC hype is all about and what you can expect once the substance becomes more common in the US.

HHC Gummies

When you hear about hemp or cannabis, one of the first products that come to mind is edibles, and it’s no different with HHC. HHC gummies are one of the most popular HHC edibles and also the tastiest - after all, they taste just like regular gummies, and who doesn’t like those?

HHC gummies are also extremely easy to take as the dose is already adjusted in each gummy, and usually, one gummy will be enough for most people, depending on your tolerance and body type.

Lastly, HHC gummies are extremely convenient to carry around, whether it’s for work or when you’re traveling, and because they’re legal at the federal level, you’re free to take them anywhere in the country, even when that means crossing state lines.

HHC Vape Cartridges

HHC vape cartridges, or vape carts for short, are another popular HHC product. In this case, it’s mostly aimed at people who have some experience with smoking, either tobacco, hemp, or cannabis, because you’ll need a vape pen to smoke your HHC vape carts.

A major advantage of vaping is that you can adjust your dose based on your own requirements. Whether it’s just one puff or a longer smoking session, with HHC vape carts, you can take as much HHC as you need to experience your desired benefits.

It's also worth mentioning the difference between HHC vape cartridges and vape liquid. Vape carts take the form of pre-filled containers that you screw onto your vape pen with the 510 threading, which is the most popular solution among vape pen manufacturers. Then, once the cart is empty, all you have to do is unscrew it, get a new one, and repeat the process. Unlike refilling your vape pen manually with liquid, vape cards won’t make your hands greasy, making the process much easier and smoother.

Videos About HHC 

CJWILLDOIT tries one of our favorite creators, DopeAsYola’s new HHC line of vapes.

Shop HHC at Steve's Goods

"Steve’s Goods is a premium hemp company based out of Longmont, CO. Our products have been recognized by leading industry publications winning us plenty of awards and other accolades, proving their quality and benefits.

We’ve recently introduced new HHC products to our offer, including HHC gummies and HHC vape cartridges, so you can get a taste of the new cannabinoid before everybody else and experience a brand new high."

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What Is HHC and How Does It Help With Pain

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ArendRichard 9 months ago
I definitely saw Chrissy's video on this! Looks interesting. May have to try
420cancerpatient 6 months ago
I like it! I take 3 or 4 pulls on mine thru the bong, and I can fall asleep, almost without noticing! I don't smoke it much during the day, needless to say!!