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  • What does being a stoner mean to you?

    What does being a stoner mean to you? I asked myself this then sat quietly for a while really thinking hard for the right answer. After a bit I realized there was no right or wrong answer; the answer is subjective to the person.

    So I went ahead and asked you guys over on Instagram to answer this question honestly and from your point of view. 

    Here's what you guys said:

    "Being a stoner to me is someone who uses cannabis regularly, like every day type of regular. Someone who thinks of things to do while or after smoking. Someone (me) who is always prepared to smoke at any time. That's basically what it means to me."
IG @ephradina710
TWT @ephradina


    "I would say being a stoner to me means I’m generally more open minded than others and since I view it as a medicine and not just a good time it means level headedness for me. Like, weed helps just slow down all the crazy and intrusive thoughts that no other medications seemed to have been able to do. Also, it means I get the chance to just be myself without worrying about what people think because it has helped calm my anxiety so much so, I feel like I can finally get more chatty and genuinely be into the conversation without worrying about outside factors."
IG @cannabinoidgirlinterrupted


    "I think being a stoner means being someone that consumes cannabis safely, aka has a bit of experience, and knows how to use smoking apparatus’. A stoner also is productive and creative, unlike a pothead that is more lazy and boring. We are just like ‘regular’ people but more clear headed and positive."
IG @medicatedmisty


    "What does a Stoner mean to me? Being a stoner just means a way to get me outta my head. I'm an over thinker and being a stoner allows me to relax to stay level headed; a way to wind down. As I get older it's also a way of not having to take pills when I have had issues cause I know I can find a strain to help with anything I'm feeling or lacking."
TWT @SimplyBettyMii


    "What is a stoner? Back then being a stoner meant you smoked weed.  A stoner was a person who smoked weed all day and just sat around doing nothing. Now these days a stoner does a lot more than just sit and smoke weed. To be a stoner is a person who has their shit together and is living life with no stress by smoking good smoke to get their day going." 
IG @luisr_meme


    "(Being) A stoner to me means happiness."
IG @mike1993100


    Lastly, I answered the question myself.

    "For me, being a stoner is more than just smoking weed. It's about pushing for the legalization. It's about educating yourself and others of the benefits. It's to respect it. It's to respect one another. It's positive vibes. It's unity through skunky buds and joint passes. It's me. Anyone can smoke weed, but there's a select group of good people we call stoners. And I am proud to be a stoner."
IG & TWT @janelle_uncensored 


    These are just 7 people's opinions! Imagine if we got 100 stoners opinions!? I wonder how many different answers and points of view we could get! I hope this article was as fun for you guys to read as it was for me to get together! Let me know in the comments if you want more articles where I ask you guys for the answers!


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What does being a stoner mean to you?
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