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  • WeedTube's Arbor Day Fundraiser and More Actionable Climate Change Items! | Canna4Climate

Hello WeedTubers! You may have already heard about Canna4Climate, an annual worldwide event starting on April 21, 2021. We are asking cannabis lovers everywhere to clean up the environment around them by finding a safe area nearby that could use some love and care. Anywhere from outdoors and out in nature to local gardens, parks, bus stops and parking lots, tending to one’s surroundings can help show that stoners are conscious and contributing members of society.


For those who cannot do a clean up or would like an additional way to contribute, Canna4Climate is hosting a fundraiser for the Arbor Day Foundation with a goal of raising $4,200!  With your support, we'll be able to restore the tree canopy in forests affected by natural disasters.


After all, Earth Day comes two days after 4/20, and what would cannabis be without its love?


Within the industrialist systems that have been established and reinforced over the years, the responsibilities of reducing waste and mitigating the effects of climate change through altering consumer habits are placed upon the consumer while industries continue to keep them reliant on the exact products, services and habits that cause harm to the environment.


We’re sold products by corporations that choose to use environmentally harmful practices while being told that it’s up to us to save the world. For example, this commercial released on April 22, 1970 by the organization “Keep America Beautiful” drives home the message that it’s up to you to stop pollution.


A respectable message, until you find out that “KAB” was funded partly by a plastics industry trade group and consisted of beverage and packaging corporations. An unfortunate bonus: The ad features an Italian-American actor playing a Native American.


So as you head out on Earth Day to clean up and help leave your environment better than how you found it, keep in mind that lobbying corporations to make drastic improvements to how they operate is vital. Holding our policymakers’ feet to the fire before our environment itself gets too hot is a crucial component to the sustainability of human life on Earth.


On April 21st, please be safe and have fun! Take before and after photos and upload content to all social media platforms that you’d like to with the hashtag #canna4climate and make sure to tag @canna4climate so it can be shared! Then, call your Senators and ask them to focus on legislation that would mitigate environmentally harmful industrial practices. Tell corporations that it’s up to them to stop their detrimental effects on the climate.


And after you’re finished, observe a moment of gratitude for the Earth and all of Her wonders, gifts, challenges and triumphs. After all, if it wasn’t for the climate, there would be no cannabis.

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WeedTube's Arbor Day Fundraiser and More Actionable Climate Change Items! | Canna4Climate

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