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WeedTube is Certified as an LGBTQ+ Owned Business by the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce

Dearest WeedTube Family,

It was with immense pride (pun intended) that I am writing this open letter to announce WeedTube’s certification by the NGLCC (National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce). 

What Does it Mean to be Certified?

The NGLCC is the business voice of the LGBT community. The largest advocacy organization dedicated to expanding economic opportunities and advancements for LGBT people, and the exclusive certifying body for LGBT owned businesses. Being certified by the NGLCC means that you are verified as a majority owned LGBT business enterprise. WeedTube’s certification will open us up to a new world of corporate partners that are looking to work with diverse professionals. 

WeedTube Certified NGLCC

What Does it Mean to Me?

If I could hop into a time machine and go back to tell my younger self at 15 years old some of the accomplishments I’ve made in life today at 31, there’s no way that little acne ridden face that was attached to a head covered in bleach blonde hair would believe me. Back then, it was hard to believe that I would amount to anything in my life, let alone something to be proud of. I can recall so vividly not even knowing whether my life was worth living back then. Some of my high school counterparts may have dreamed of a future in which they had a lovely career and beautiful family. Not all of them, I can recognize that not everyone has visions of the future in high school, but the majority of those kids would have at least been able to if they wanted. I couldn’t look to the future at all though. I couldn’t see past the fears and concerns that had been engraved into my brain by my religious upbringing about what living life as a gay man would mean. 


While I’m proud of many accomplishments in my life like growing a YouTube channel to nearly 200k subscribers and of course co-founding WeedTube, the accomplishments that resonate in my heart above the rest are the ones in which I have contributed something to the queer community. Whether it was a message from someone back in my YouTube days that said I helped them be more comfortable with their sexuality, or writing two sci-fi novels with a queer main character that I had always wished existed when I was younger. It’s the accomplishments that I’ve done that would make that younger version of myself feel worthy just as he was that really make my soul sing. 


This “accomplishment” of getting WeedTube certified as an LGBTQ+ owned and operated business is one that I will remind myself of daily as I review the many points in my life that I must be grateful for, and as we continue to push forward in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis and the queer community have intersected for a long time. Many LGBTQ activists were pioneers in the cannabis legalization story. For example, Dennis Peron who is now widely regarded as the father of the medical marijuana movement threw himself into cannabis activism during the AIDS epidemic in the 80’s and 90’s after his former partner Jonathan West passed from the disease. He founded the Cannabis Buyers’ Club, a medical dispensary that became a hub for AIDS and terminally ill patients alike. He also co-authored the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 in California which was the first successful medical marijuana referendum measure in the US. 


There are many examples of members of the queer community taking up the torch for cannabis thorughout the years. As cannabis normalizes across the planet and becomes legal in more places, it’s an honor to continue that activcism as a gay man and carry on the important legacy that the LGBTQ community has been a part of with this incredible plant for so long. In no way shape or form do I think my contribution to cannabis is as significant as the activists that risked their freedom in the past. However, as just one of many Queer advocates for cannabis today, it is an honor to be part of that legacy. 


I'm Not the Only One!

It’s not just that WeedTube is majority owned by members of the LGBTQ+ community. It is equally incredible that more than 50% of our full time working staff identify within the community umbrella as well. Yet another aspect that a younger version of myself wouldn’t be able to comprehend. You hear that teenage Arend? Not only is ok that you are gay, but one day you’ll get to work with a team of people towards something bigger than yourself who also share this amazing identity with you. I want to take this opportunity to also thank the WeedTube team for their dedication to not only the platform, but the cannabis community as a whole. 

Cannabis Queer Community

There Are Gays in Cannabis!

I'm reaching my 8 year anniversary of being part of the cannabis industry this year. An incredible milestone for sure. I can say though, in my time in this industry I’ve certainly had my fair share of experiences in which I was the odd one out as a gay man. More than once I’ve been the subject of homophobia or the butt of someone’s joke. Little do they know, I’ve experienced that for my entire life, and it’s not going to stop me from showing up authentically in this industry. The LGBTQ+ community has been an essential part of the cannabis industry for a long time, and that’s not stopping anytime soon. For anyone reading this letter that is part of the Queer Community and also considering working in the cannabis industry: DO IT! We need more of us here as legalization progresses. The truth is, as more people become cannabis enthusiasts, the more diversity of brands we will need. So apply for that job. Start that business. Get out there and be the person you want to see represented in the industry. Nearly 8 years in, I’m glad that I did. 


With Love and Respect,

Arend Richard

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WeedTube Makes History As First Cannabis Social Media Certified By NGLCC

By The WeedTube

WeedTube was launched on March 1st of 2018 by a community of deleted content creators. As we continue to grow, WeedTube strives to provide all services with integrity. Our mission is to provide for the community, and provide a change in perception of cannabis around the world. We are working hard to consistently create a platform that services our community in the best ways possible.

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Congratulations ???? ? ?️‍? everyone here has been so wonderful! I feel so welcomed here!
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