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Is TheWeedTube Done Fighting App Store Censorship?

First of all, let me start by saying… there are so many things I want to tell you in regards to this story. So many little nuances and big corporate back door “off the record” exchanges. Unfortunately though, I can’t tell you any of those things. Because of the aforementioned “off the record” bit. I hope you enjoy what I have put together for you either way. Oh, and before you read on… Thank you for supporting TheWeedTube.

When we started TheWeedTube I made it a point to run this company with transparency. The large reason for that being, I’ve always felt that this company belongs to the community. You helped us begin, and you will help us succeed. That mentality is not stopping today. I plan on being as transparent as humanly possible with all of you throughout this process as well.

So... in full transparency… this shit has been insane. Straight up now tell me do you really wanna love me forever insane Paula Abdul. Nothing could have prepared me for what we’ve faced in terms of censorship, and even less could have prepared me for the fight that would arise because of it. Again, I can’t really give any details legally. But let’s just say… it wasn’t easy. By the time we finally got word of the Android store reinstating the app I think I collapsed in exhaustion. There was a moment where the future of TheWeedTube was hanging in the balance. Our whole team spent the last month swinging from one problem to another.

First Apple denied us upon our initial application on 4/17. Apple’s denial was something we were all a little more prepared for. I had a feeling about a month prior when discussing the app submission process with our developers that it wasn’t going to be as easy as they thought. Which is why when it happened, we used the opportunity to really “show up” for Apple. We refined our EULA (End User License Agreement), and with the help of our amazing community we showed Apple a finer face of the cannabis community. Once Apple let us on the App Store, I truly felt like we had come to the end of our struggle.

Until of course May __ when Google suspended TheWeedTube App from the Google Play Store. We had absolutely no idea why, at the time. Just 3 short days later Google informed us that TheWeedTube App was completely banned from the store. From this point to TheWeedTube App being restored on the Google Play Store, is the part I can’t really talk about. But I can tell you that hours of conversation and back and forth phone calls to different agencies, media outlets, and more are the reason TheWeedTube is back. And I am so proud.

Instagram of course is another issue. I’ve made public statements before that linking to TheWeedTube, tagging TheWeedTube and hashtagging TheWeedTube were not working on Instagram. It seems that I have been wrong about this, but only somewhat. While some users are able to do the above mentioned actions on Instagram, others can’t even find @theweedtube as a user. I saw this happen first hand in NYC last week when trying to have new people at a cannabis convention follow our Instagram. I want to say that by no means was I making a statement that was false. Instagram IS restricting the viability of TheWeedTube on the platform. We are currently under a shadowban as well. I wanted to mention this because I’ve had some personal backlash from people saying I’m trying to grab attention from something that isn’t there. That is not the case. Instagram behaves differently for different users. This much we have learned for sure. Is Instagram a friend of TheWeedTube? No.

What have we learned from all this? A ton. We’ve learned that TheWeedTube is a formidable presence in the social media world. Not just cannabis social media either. With this knowledge, we are excited for the years to come. I have personally realized in the last couple months how long of a game TheWeedTube really is. So, with the title of the article being “Is TheWeedTube Done Fighting App Store Censorship?”... I don’t think so. But we are ready to fight.

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We Won the War?
boblee 3 years ago
Hey pal, you got a good video here. We got some quality buds, seeds, hemp oil and other good stuffs. Hit me now via email on: [email protected] or Text +1 (310)-692-1155, Wickr Id: jasonstewart
Yamos 3 years ago
Marijuana isn’t more than just about getting high, it’s about freedom. We have the right to get high and not be censored or discriminated. Corporations want the profits after the little guy has won the war. That’s BS. Thanks for all your hard work, we really appreciate you.