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Dearest Community,

TheWeedTube team has been recently made aware of an issue with the “View Counts” that show on TheWeedTube site vs. the amount of views actually played. This issue is a standard issue that most sites experience when in early development, or even with larger sites (see linked articles below). The main issue is that the view page is showing the “Page View” count, and not the “Video View” count. Meaning if someone goes to your video watch page but doesn’t click play on the video, it still shows as a view. 

Luckily TheWeedTube uses a third party system to ensure accuracy for our creator payouts system. We only use the numbers the third party system gives us to analyze payouts, not the front end view count. Meaning every view that has been paid for was an authentic view that a user actually viewed. 

We are working hard with our development team currently to repair this issue and have all the front end views reflect the same as our third party views. We will keep you updated once this implementation has been put into effect. We will not however be able to go back and correct previous view counts. If you are wondering about what your authentic views are vs. your actual views, please email [email protected] (please allow our team a week to respond as we are growing the accounting department!).

We thank you for your continued support and apologize for any issues this may cause you. In partnership with Brainvire ( our development firm we are doing everything in our power to fix this problem. 

Reasons your view count may show a larger number on the view page rather than the back end:

Clicking refresh on the view page without watching the video.

Clicking play on the video and leaving the page before the advertisement ends.

Botted Views (See linked articles)


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View Count Issue Update