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Vaping is a sleeker, discreet and more convenient way to consume marijuana. Whether you’re running to make your train or having a fire-escape smoke sesh with your friends - vape pens are a fast way to get high and a great ice breaker in getting to know other ston-ies like yourself.

I’ve been at plenty a party where all one person has to do is whip out their pen, offer it to the person standing next to them and you’re off to a great start. Depending on the strain you’re smoking,a quick hit from the pen can mellow you out or perk you right up. I like a sativa-hybrid so I get a mixture of both.

Smoking a prefilled cannabis vape cartridge is very easy, requires minimal effort and it’s also measurable. You know exactly how much you’re getting and how much smoking. Don’t get me wrong, I love flower. Nothing beats the smell and texture of a weed nug, especially after grinding it into a bowl. Vape oils are for the most part odorless. If you smoke it, you know what it smells like but its not potent enough to be in people's faces who might not be as familiar. 

Plus it takes out the paranoia of traveling with the devil’s lettuce, especially in cities that aren’t so forthcoming. I love that I get to choose my own temperatures, because this girl doesn’t always need a coughing fit. Nothing worse than taking the subway and feeling the entire train car look your way, shaming you for smelliing how god’s good ‘green’ earth intended. 

So obviously I’m pro-vaping but like everything else, it has its drawbacks. 

1. They burn out very quickly. I can go through a gram in days. But how do you know you like it unless you don’t take a handful of puffs on your new cartridge. 

2. Sensitive to heat, so not very beach / sun friendly. But what I like to do is detach my pen and put the cartridge in a cooler or backpack next to a cold water bottle to keep the temperature down.

3. The battery doesn’t last forever, so you do have to remember to charge it. I like to charge mine once a week.

But going back to why I love to vape - I especially love how it connects you with different people all with the same purpose … get blazed. As the pen gets passed from left to right, you can see people going through the entire ritual of it. And here’s how that goes: 

“Do I just press the button or inhale?” (if they’re not familiar)

“Where do you get it?” (here you ask, “The pen or the oil?”)

They’ll say, “Both”. 

They’ll take their hit, cough it out, taste it, tell you what they think and pass it to the next person. It’s insane that in a good majority of states, we have to hide that we smoke and be so discreet. But in moving a step in the right direction, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill for October 2019 that will decriminalize the use of marijuana and expunge records of some people convicted of cannabis charges. 


Illinois also passed and signed a bill allowing recreational marijuana use - that law goes into effect January 2020. This would be the 11th state to legalize the sale and recreational use of weed. Recreational users are still prohibited from growing at home, so you’re dream of becoming Nancy Botwin (Weeds reference) might have to stay on hold for a couple of years.

But as more states legalize the use of marijuana, employers are also beginning to rethink drug test pre-screening for marijuana before hiring applicants. So we’re getting there, slowly but surely. And if you live in a state where it’s illegal or maybe live at home with parents that don’t agree with it, vaping is the way to go. It’s a stealthy way to get high, slide the pen back into your pocket and move on with the rest of your day. 

Stay high guys!

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Yes! A large segment of the population also has an aversion to SMOKE, whether it is tobacco, incense, or burning food in their kitchen. No one, especially a non-smoker, wants smoke around them. And it lingers. Vaping has retained so much of what's enjoyable about smoking for the consumer while mediating the negatives for nearly everyone else. Great post.
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