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  • Updates to TheWeedtube (For Real This Time)

TheWeedtube is back with some great updates, and actually great this time! As you may remember, in our last issue we had a list of great updates we promised... and did not entirely deliver on. This was for a number of reasons, well not entirely, we just hired a not so good developer that didn't do the proper work they promised.

So about a month later we are back with the updates we promised, and they're even better than we could have imagined. First and foremost you should notice that the site is a lot faster, hell, even opening this page should have been fast! The speed should be vastly improved and we are working to make it even faster.

Not to bore you with all the developer specifics, but basically, your view and like count will now update every 24 hours. Moving the number of refreshes from every several minutes to every 24 hours has vastly improved our site load time.

Next up, the page should no longer refresh when you leave a comment on a video. Unlike previously, if you were watching a video and commented during it, you would be rudely interrupted by the page reloading. No longer!! We are still seeing a small number of people having some issues, and we are working out the final kinks. But a majority of the time your page should no longer refresh.

Lastly, the long and most awaited update is hyperlinking functionality! That's right, now you can easily add links to your description within the upload page. All you have to do is highlight your text and click the chain/link button above the description box. Now you can easily add links to your description with one click.

Please be aware that if you overlink or spam links in the description we will remove them. So please be kind and courteous to your fellow creators & fans!

TheWeedtube is working to make the site better every day and you will only continue to see improvements from this point forward! Happy uploading you lovely creators!!

Don't forget to share your favorite content to help our community GROW!
Updates to TheWeedtube (For Real This Time)
boblee 3 years ago
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dopedev420 3 years ago
you guys are doing GREAT!!!