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Longtime supporters of TheWeedTube may remember that transparency was a founding pillar of the community we have built. The importance of being transparent with our Creators and viewers remains at the forefront of our mission to develop a safe, welcoming and collaborative environment for people of every walk of life. We hold in great stature the importance of keeping you up to date with what is going on behind-the-scenes at TheWeedTube, so we are pleased to announce that we have some incredibly exciting updates on the way that we cannot wait to share with you. These improvements will come in the form of weekly blog posts.


Our first update is one to the Creator Payout System. You may know that our previous model worked in a way that Creators with at least 4,200 views on their channel were eligible for monetization. As of April 1, 2020, to be a monetized Creator on TheWeedTube, you will need to have a minimum of 420 subscribers to your channel. Channels on TheWeedTube with less than 420 subscribers that have already been monetized under the previous system will be grandfathered into the previous monetization system and will experience no change to their channel monetization.


We believe this improvement to the Creator Payout System will encourage Creators to push for gaining more subscribers rather than views. While views are valuable, subscribers are much more viable to growth as a Creator. Subscribers come back to watch new content from the Creator to which they are subscribed and are more likely to engage with the Creator’s content. The new System will also make it much easier for Creator’s to track where they are in terms of monetization. Monthly payments to monetized Creators will still be based on monthly views and the minimum threshold for payment ($20) will not change either.


We are looking forward to how this new System will simplify the Creator monetization process, benefit our Creators and help Creators grow their channels and communities. Our Creators, viewers, users and supporters are what makes TheWeedTube run and we are constantly surveying the user experience and exploring ways to continually make it better. TheWeedTube is a collaborative space and we welcome your feedback. Contact us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or at [email protected] with inquiries.


Stay tuned to TheWeedTube blog over the next few weeks for more updates!


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Updates To TheWeedTube Creator Payout System
Herbit420 2 years ago
Now that's a good idea! I would also like to see some backend statistics available to creators, so we can see our impressions and views etc..also how many subscribers we gain or lose by video? This way we can better evaluate what content our subscribers want to see :-) just a request, keep up the good work!
RDWC.Canada 2 years ago
Will the payout rates change under the new program?
ha ha I love the subscriber count being 420! I have a ways to go, I'll try to funnel more people over from YouTube! This is a great platform, I'm enjoying the transparency you have with your creators! I look forward to sharing more of my content on this platform and even possibly creating curated content specifically for the weed tube in the long term. Keep going, really appreciate having you guys! -HE
HagnarTHC 2 years ago
Um salve pra todos aqui do Brasil - Save from Brazil for all of you BR BR BR
Ribonatchi2 9 months ago
I just want to point out that there is a grammatical error in the second to last paragraph! "The new System will also make it much easier for Creator’s [sic] to track..." There should be no apostrophe after the "r" in "creator" because there is no possessive noun in that usage. Thanks :)