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TheWeedtube has been explosive since our birth on March 1, of last year, almost so explosive that we couldn't keep up with our own growth. As I'm sure many of our loyal followers know, TheWeedtube has been through a lot. Not only as a website but as a company itself. And today we are happy to announce that we will be making some changes to TheWeedtube that will vastly improve your experience.

Since TheWeedtube's iteration, we have had many battles that have brought us to where we are today. It wasn't that long ago that you couldn't stream videos on mobile and it will only be a short time till you are streaming your favorite videos through an exclusive TheWeedtube app. But before we get into that, let's talk about some of the upcoming changes you will be seeing on the platform very soon.

After talking to hundreds of our amazing followers through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and email, we compiled a list of the most sought-after features and issues with the site.

First on the list is TheWeedtube will be improving it's load time in the coming week. As we all know, TheWeedtube can get a bit slow at times, and it's our number one mission to be able to not only deliver you high-quality exclusive content, but at rapid speeds. Working with both outside and inside help, TheWeedtube will be delivering your pages at a much faster rate in the coming days.

Other upgrades will include improving the comment section to not only stop refreshing when you leave a comment but to move the comment box right under the description. Making it much easier for you to leave comments on your favorite content, with the upcoming ability to even like other users comments. We will also be adding the time length to every video, so you can see how long it is before even clicking on it. On top of this, we will be fixing and removing some of the unnecessary features that have built up over time. Some of these old features you may not be aware of as we phased them out, but things including sub-channels, the fact that you can't see your own subscriber number and a few other minor changes.

Lastly, two of the largest updates we are excited to bring you is the upcoming branded video player and email post notifications. That's right, TheWeedtube is going to have its very own branded video player. No features will change from the current player except that it will have a fancy new logo, with what we hope is your favorite website, attached right to it.

The last feature we are excited to be announcing is our upcoming ability to get notified via email everytime someone you subscribe to posts a video. That's right, just like post notifications, you can get notified right when your favorite creators post a video. This is of course, if you opt-in to this feature.

Among all the enhancements we will be doing to the platform, we will also be fixing a number of bugs. This includes bugs within emails, your subscription feed among other minor errors. If you every find any bugs, please submit them to service[@] and we will work to exterminate each one of them.

As TheWeedtube continues to grow we will continue to evolve. All with the help of our lovely and loyal followers. And I'm sure you may be eager to read about that mobile app we talked about earlier, but I think that will be for another issue of TheWeedtube newsletter. I can't tell you which one, but stay tuned...

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