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  • Unpopular Opinion: Holding in your Hits DOES NOT Make you Higher

Hey guys, Mac here again to possibly rub y’all the wrong way! As always, THIS IS AN OPINION BASED ARTICLE. I don’t have a Ph.D., I’m not a scientist, I’m just out here trying to spark up a conversation. That being said, I really think y’all should stop holding in your hits for extended periods of time. I feel like most stoners are told the myth at some point that holding in your hits makes you higher; I know its one of the first things I learned when I started smoking. The thing is though, I’m pretty sure its bullshit. As I’ve evolved as a stoner and learned new information, my belief in this myth has ceased. Here’s why I think the myth is bullshit and why I think you should stop:

1. When you are holding in a hit, you are essentially holding your breath. Holding your breath gives you the sensation of feeling lightheaded. Lightheadedness paired with being high can easily make you think that you are feeling higher when in fact you bare just depriving your brain of oxygen.

2. Holding in your hits is increasing the likelihood of tar build up in your lungs. The longer the smoke is sitting there in your lungs, the more time it has to stick to them. You don’t hold in your breath when you breathe air to absorb all the oxygen; you don’t really need to with smoke either.

3. There are no viable scientific studies to back up the idea that holding in your hits makes you higher. I have yet to come across a single article from a reputable medical blog/journal to support it. What science/medicine DOES support is the fact that exposing your lungs to smoke for extended periods of time is not good for them.

Now I’m not saying you should exhale your hits the instant they hit your lungs, but cut it with the 5 to 10-second breath holds! You aren’t doing your lungs or your brain any good. I promise you will get just as high only holding in your hits for 1 to 3 seconds. One last nugget of thought that I will leave you with is that if you do hold in your hits, I GET IT. I did too for a long time and sometimes when I’m low on weed ill feel the urge to hold in my hits because I am sooo trained to think that it might get me higher. But, I really don’t think its something you should be doing every time you take a hit of weed. Stay healthy buds!

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Unpopular Opinion: Holding in your Hits DOES NOT Make you Higher
elysiaaa 4 years ago
I've been smoking green since I was a teenager and I'll be 36 in June. I have tried both holding in my hits and not holding them in, and I am here to tell you that I have the same effect either way. So, that being said I agree with your hypothesis. Love you and all your content, babe. Keep it comin' (•?•) <3
jlcash81 4 years ago
Very cool info, I have been taking big fast hits, and holding them in forever, however lately I've been taking slower hits, but was still holding it in!! So now I may do what you suggest!! Going to be awhile to break that habit, but it will be good on the lungs, I'm glad I went tobacco free, for almost 2 years now.?????????%???????????????
AardVark 3 years ago
It isn't about holding it in for SOOO long, the reason to hold it is to help those who are new and do that fake holding it in their cheeks ( think of those who first smoke cigs ) deal. It helps newbies understand that you need to INHALE. Holding it for as long as possible to me is more of a lung coughing issue versus actual benefit. An easier way is to do a double intake. Have a person take a hit, then breath in a second time then exhale. It isn't the holding, it is the actual intake that benefits.
boblee 3 years ago
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marenismedicated 4 years ago
love this I agree