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     Head Shops are usually the one stop shop for us stoners, but those specialty stores can cost an arm and a leg. After years of being a stoner and being cheap, I've found nontraditional places to find affordable stoner gear!


     My top 3 places for affordable stoner gear are thrift stores, dollar stores and even Amazon!



     Dollar stores always carry lighters, ashtrays and jars! There isn't always a huge selection but for a dollar who can complain? The dollar store is also a good place to get things to decorate and personalize for yourself! They sell mini jars that I use to hold and label my cannabis seeds.


     Another place I find a lot of one of a kind stoner gear is thrift stores. Now thrift stores don't sell bongs or pipes (except tobacco pipes) but they have ashtrays, jars, rolling trays and even vintage lighters! I always find really pretty, vintage and one of a kind ashtrays. You're bound to find something in your style! I also find ceramic, glass and metal trays that can be used as rolling trays. 



                                                        ^^^THRIFT FINDS ^^^


     Sometimes you have to think outside the box when rummaging through the thrift. I've bought tiny dishes with pretty patterns and used them as ashtrays. I've found jars in all sizes, colors and materials! There are glass mason jars, metal tins and even old cigar boxes that can be used as stash jars! 


     Amazon is a great choice when you are looking for actual stoner gear like grinders, rolling papers and pipes. I buy all my grinders from Amazon and have yet to be disappointed by the quality for the price. There are also name brands like RAW on Amazon and usually their prices are closer to wholesale making it up to half the price as buying the same product at a headshop.


     Being a stoner can be expensive but it doesn't have to be. There are plenty of budget friendly options, you just need to shop around! Check out the options I listed above and let us know what cool items you find!


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Unconventional Places to Buy Stoner Gear
Misty_Puffins 1 year ago
Im dying to go thrifting ASAP! haha Hopefully they open back up soon!
Leefhed 1 year ago
Very helpful. Tanks. From WA bonging 9#.