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  • UK Seedbank Review – The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store

The Legal Bit

In the UK cannabis seeds are legal to buy, sell, and store.  It is still illegal to germinate cannabis seeds in the UK but there has been a lot of positive movement recently with some medical marijuana now supposedly available via the NHS but it has proven very difficult for people needing this to actually get it.

CBD oil variations is also going through the licensing system in the UK so hopefully it will be more readily available as time goes on.

Throughout the world there is different levels of legality, for example in the USA quite a few states have legalised medical or recreational cannabis use or in some places both! However it is still illegal at a federal level so it’s complicated.

Please do check your local laws and follow them.

About The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store

The Vault Cannabis Seed Store’s head office and marketing departments are based in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK but they also have warehouses in Spain for storage and dispatch logistics.

Established in 2012, The Vault has grown to become recognised as one of the UK’s leading cannabis seeds companies.  

Currently their website is one of the largest cannabis seedbanks in the world!  They have over 100 trusted cannabis seed breeders listed, with collectively over 3000 strains available to purchase including some very rare and sought after strains!  The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store have some of the cheapest prices out of all the UK seedbanks and they even back this up with a price match guarantee!

They ship worldwide in super discreet packaging (unlike a lot of cannabis seed breeders who add their logo to the outside of the parcels) and they offer a guaranteed delivery service so you can be assured your order will get to you!

They have a fanatical customer support team who are contactable by email, phone, post, live chat, social media, and via a contact form on their website and they have a huge presence on all the major cannabis seeds forums where they actively support the wider cannabis community.

The Vault gives away more freebies than other seedbanks and includes free seeds with every order in their unique and unrivalled “choose your own freebies” section where you can actually choose your preferred freebies from the top breeders.  The more you spend the more freebies you will get. They also run tons of promos and special offers in addition to their freebies, where you can get even more free seeds depending on what you purchase.

The Vault are also very active in supporting change in UK and worldwide cannabis legislation and attend , sponsor, and support events all over the world, they are not just a business they are a movement focused on working with the larger cannabis community to affect change; in particular with making medical marijuana available for all who need it.

They accept payments by credit / debit card on their website or over the phone and also by bank transfer, bitcoin (and other alt coins) and of course good old fashioned cash and cheque.

New customers to The Vault can use discount code First10 for a 10% discount in the cart.

Contact Details

The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store
[email protected]
0131 210 0083 or 07949 276 118

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UK Seedbank Review – The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store
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