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Thank you to the viewers and creators that participated in a successful and hilarious Comedy Month here at TheWeedTube! We thank you for the positive energy, laughs, community and support that you all continue to provide. As we move into June, we want to take a moment to highlight some of our favorite #TWTComedyMonth videos. In no particular order because we love them all equally, here are some of our top picks, as voted on by TheWeedTube Team!


BudsAndBrushes - TWT Comedy Challenge

“In this week's show I draw inspiration from the movie Titanic and recreate an iconic scene with Jack and Rose but with a Brushes and Buds touch.”




BambiTheBoom - STORY TIME: I Burned Her Carpet | TWT Comedy Challenge

“This particular story time is about the time I burned my friend’s carpet.”




Leaf_Stories - TWT Comedy Challenge - Cannabis Pirates

“We be the cannabis pirates! Today we’re gonna be talking about the tERRRifying effects of THC! Har har har!”




SaladBrainProductions - TWT Comedy Challenge: Road Weed

“What happens when Dak brings back a bag of mystery road weed to smoke? Some weird shit, that's what.”




Hannah_Grace - TWT Comedy Challenge (Tiny Face Makeup/Edible Review)!

“I saw this go viral about a month ago. [Jamie French] did this video with the tiny face. I’m gonna do it my way, which is not gonna be as great as hers because she is a makeup artist and I’m not. We’ll see how this goes… because I will be doing this stoned.”




KloudyKrewProductions - TWT Comedy Challenge | Bitch Flakes Commercial

“Two scoops of RBF in every box!”




St0nedVirgo - TWT Comedy Challenge Submission - Dad Joke Contest

“You know the classic ‘why are 6 afraid of 7,’ so why was 2019 afraid of 2020? Because they fought and 2021.”




MissBootyfull - TWT COMEDY | The Enhancement Smoker Parody | On Weed ...

“Have you ever smoked weed… on weed?”




BNBDANATION - TWT Comedy Challenge: Funny Weed Names!!

“The BnB Crew found a list of funny names for weed to share with you all.” Get you some of that Jazz Cabbage!




SilkySlim416 - TWT Comedy Challenge - WTF IS WRONG WITH BERTHA?!

“It's been a long week with a lot of ups and downs, but mostly downs SMH… I just threw this video together to kick off my online grow series and give you a peek of things to come in my weekly garden updates.”



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#TWTComedy Month Staff Picks!
Luca Pandobar 2 years ago
All amazing, talented, and beautiful creators!!!!
HistoryHigh 2 years ago
I think I watched every one of these and they were all hilarious
dopedev420 2 years ago
This was so much fun! Loved everyone's entry ❤
stoner-lounge 2 years ago
Yay!!! I watched most of these when they were uploaded but I had to watch them again lol and I also found some really good ones on here that I missed so thanks for that!!!
Kirk TV 2 years ago
This was a blast to do, and all the entries are great!! Thanks The Weed Tube for the challenge.