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Netflix is a stoners best friend. There’s gotta be at least a years worth of non stop viewing material available! That being said, not all of the viewing material can be categorized as “quality”. So I’m here to tell you about a few of my favorite newly added Netflix programs to enjoy while those cannabinoids really penetrate your system! ` It may seem a bit odd to you that TheWeedTube would recommend videos on a competing platform, however Netflix isn’t categorized as a competitor seeing as how all their content is curated and TheWeedTube is open to anyone! I just wanted to clarify that before jumping in! Everyone loves Netflix right?

1. Nailed It!

Nailed it has to be one of my all time favorite shows to binge watch while I’m goofy high on Grape Krush (my favorite strain for the giggles)! The combined comedy of the host Nichole and the the head chef judge is just the starting point for this comedic ride. The contestants are challenged to make over the top baking designs (which let’s be honest 99 out of 100 people wouldn’t stand a chance) in small time periods. Usually they fail, but the contestant that gets the closest gets to win $10,000 and claim their title as the “Nailed It!” champion. I highly recommend Nailed It for group watching with friends OR as I love to watch it all alone on a plane. Just don’t be surprised when all the other passengers start giving you funny looks because you’re laughing out loud and your edibles have kicked in. And yes… I’ve been there more than once. My rating: 10/10 For what it is, a short simple funny show, it’s perfect. No changes required.

2. Lost in Space

Lost in space is a reboot of an older version from 1965. It chronicles the adventures of the Robinson family. We’ve all heard that famous catch phrase “Danger Will Robinson!”. The reboot really shows Netflix’s dedication to bringing sifi hits on a smaller budget. I must admit that I watched the entire first season of Lost In Space in two days, and proceeded to rewatch it for the next two days. Lost In Space will give you the drama, love, and robotic alien comedy we all unknowingly crave. My rating: 8/10 The only thing that knocks off 2 points is that we know it’s a lower budget than a network like HBO would have. There are very few times when this shows, and the team did an amazing job at putting forth amazing graphics either way.

3. The Wave

Now, to enjoy this next masterpiece you MUST have an appreciation for foreign films. The Wave is a Norwegian film released in 2015. Don’t let the three year gap deceive you, the graphics and special effects in this movie are on par with movies released in 2018. The Wave follows a Norwegian family, specifically the father Kristian Eikjord. Kristian is the head of monitoring a cliff that has been threatening to fall into the fjord of the tourist attraction town Geiranger. It’s kind of hard to explain the entire situation but basically rocks fall of a cliff into the water causing a HUGE tidal wave that heads straight for the town, and the Eikjord family. The tension of this movie will leave your stoned ass clinging to the edge of your couch. I’m not kidding. Very few action and adventure movies actually pull me in instead of making me roll my eyes. The Wave does just that. So definitely check it out and turn on those subtitles. Additionally, The Wave has a sequel released this year called “The Quake” which is available for rent on iTunes and will hopefully make its way to Netflix soon. Heads up, The Quake is pretty good too. Not as good as the original… but it’s good. My rating: 9/10 This film is nearly perfect. The only thing that would make it more perfect would be insight into the madness of the father that we seem to see from the beginning of the first and second movie. It’s ok if people are crazy but the audience needs to know why.

4. Extinction

If you look up Extinction on google you will find a 3 star rating. How could a 3 star movie end up on my list? Well, I’ll tell you. I love this movie because it looks at a certain aspect of a Sci-Fi topic that no other movie has ever touched. I don’t want to give anything away so just take my word for it, it’s interesting. Obviously another low budget sci-fi movie from Netflix (I think this may have caused the 3 star rating) but the story will have you questioning what’s actually going on more than once. I HIGHLY recommend this movie because it truly changed my perception about the future of technology. I hope you enjoy! My rating: 7/10 I really love this movie for the story. There are a lot of twists and turns and it’s the kind of movie you definitely have to watch twice to understand fully. Everything else could be better. Production, acting, and whatever else. But the story is 10/10.

5. 7 Days Out

Perspective is one of my favorite things to get from this world, and 7 Days Out really brings perspective. The show takes you through the 7 days leading up to some of the worlds greatest events. The Westminster Dog Show is just a dog show? No. Opening a restaurant in NYC is extremely well organized? No. The Kentucky Derby is just a horse race? No. This show takes you behind the scenes to the work it takes to put on these amazing events. As a serial entrepreneur myself, I found the show extremely interesting and informative. Can’t wait for season 2! My rating: 9/10 Even in the episodes you don’t think you would enjoy, you walk away learning something. It’s worth the watch for sure. I truly hope you enjoyed my Netflix recommendations! Let me know how you liked them OR let me know other things I must see by tweeting me @arendrox. I’ll be letting you know my next five favorites in the next newsletter. Happy binge viewing!

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Top 5 Must-Watch Movies on Netflix for Stoners
PotBaba 3 years ago
This fucking page scrolled up and down incessantly! Took me 5 minutes or more to read the paragraph on Extinction and much of that time was spent finding my place again each time. Scrolled up and down while I was typing this too! Ptui!
babydeartina 3 years ago
Thank's for the recommendations!!!
kuriouslyblazed 3 years ago
Can't wait to start watching!!!
pheefrecoe 3 years ago
Awesome recommendations, gonna have to watch some these for sure ? thanks
lostgirl0831 3 years ago
Nailed it is the best!!! I’ll have to check the rest out this weekend.