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    Twenty-twenty starts a new decade, so before we move forward into the new year, let's review the top 3 cannabis strains of 2019!

    There are currently over 780 strains of cannabis in the world! Cannabis has evolved tremendously in the last 15 years due to medical and recreational marijuana legalization. In the early 2000's cannabis THC levels averaged at 6%, while today they average 15% THC. That's a huge jump in a short period! Today there are strains with over 30% THC, which was unheard of 15 years ago! Below we will cover 3 strains with over 30% THC.

    Godfather OG is the top strain on our list with a whopping 34% THC! It is currently the highest THC strain in the world! It is an indica dominant hybrid and is a cross between Cherry Pie, OG Kush and Grandaddy Purps. Godfather OG originated in California and even won the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup in Las Angeles. It is the perfect strain for insomnia as it has sedative properties, but this strain is definitely not for the faint at heart with its ridiculously high THC content.

     Next up is Chemdawg with a THC level of 32%! This strain originated in Colorado and is actually a pretty mysterious strain as no one knows its exact genetics. It's thought to be a cross between Thai and Nepalese sativa. Chemdawg is used a lot in creating new genetics. It is actually harder to grow and cultivate. It used to only be able to be grown from clones but now there are seeds for this delicious strain!

    A close third is Strawberry Banana, an indica hybrid with a yummy 31% THC! It is a cross between Strawberry Bubblegum and Banana Kush. It's super fruity hence the name! It's a popular strain on the west coast and has even won a few awards! It received the 1st Sativa Flower at the 2015 High Times Cannabis Cup and 1st Judges Choice at the Cannabis Cup Brazil in 2016! Strawberry Banana is easy to grow both indoor and outdoor!
    Every year cannabis is grown and cross bred to produce the most potent and tasty strains. Let's see if growers in 2020 can top the 34% THC in Godfather OG!


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Top 3 strains of 2019
1 Comment
MedHead 3 years ago
These ratings are based on THC percentage. For those of us who use medically, the strain's terpene profile is very important!