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    Couch lock can happen to the best of us so I have compiled a list of the top 10 stoner movies for the next time you're stoned and glued to the couch.


 1. Grandmas Boy

A 35 year old game tester finds himself homeless and moves in with his grandmom and her friends. The best part is when his grandmom confuses his bong for a flower vase and makes tea with his 'tea leaves.' You can just imagine what happens next.

    2. Pineapple Express

A drug dealer and his customer find themselves in trouble after witnessing a murder. They attempt to hide out in the woods, only to find themselves stoned and paranoid running through the trees. Do they get caught by the murderes or escape unharmed? Watch to find out!


 3. The Harold & Kumar series

 With 3 movies in the series you'll have plenty of hours of movie to watch. First is Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. The title explains it all, 2 stoned guys attempting to go to White Castle but hitting every road bump along the way.

    Next is Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. Again the title explains it all. They find themselves in prison and must escape to help Harold find his girl and tell her he loves her. You may be surprised with the outcome.

    Last is A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas. The 2 potheads are back together again for the holidays. And of course Kumar made a mess by burning down Harold's father-in-law's Christmas tree. Things get interesting in this one.

    4. Friday, Next Friday & Friday After Next

Another fun series with 2 best friends getting into trouble in the hood. In Friday the guys find themselves owing rent and drug money and spend the day going through trials in the hood, trying to pay their dues.

    In Next Friday Craig gets sent to stay with his uncle to protect him from the neighborhood bully. And of course things go wrong in a hilarious domino affect.

    In Friday After Next, the boys find themselves together around Christmas time. They have a run in with the towns Santa Claus and attempt to stop him from stealing Christmas presents from the local apartments.



 5. Half Baked

 In this movie 3 friends must raise money by selling weed to bail their friend out of jail after he accidentally killed a police horse by feeding it junk food. An odd plot but a funny one for sure!

    6. Clerks

 This is another simple plot, 2 clerks at a convenience store go through some trials. This movie is where the characters Jay and Silent Bob come into play in the next movie on this list!

    7. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

 After their introduction in Clerks, they came back in their own movie. In this one they set out to wreck a movie after they find out its made in their likeness and they aren't receiving any profit from it. So basically a movie inside a movie. Stoner inception.  

    8. How High

Two guys smoke some magical weed, ace their college entrance exams and end up at Harvard. But things take a turn when they run out of weed and need to do things sober! Do they fail college or are they smart enough to pass?


    9. Evil Bong

This one is another wacky concept. A group of friends smoke from an evil bong and get attacked by killer strippers and other random creatures. I'd say be super stoned for this one!

    10. The Night Before

 Last on this list is a Christmas stoner movie! A few friends go out for one last hurrah as one is about to become a father. They do lots of drugs and adventure through the city ending up at the coolest party in town.

    There are countless stoner movies but these were my top 10! So go smoke a blunt, throw on one of these stoner movies and laugh your *bleep* off!

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Top 10 Stoner Movies
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