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With Cheech and Chong as the drivers themselves- the likes of which replicates a spinoff to their iconic franchise. When seeing an image of the green 4-wheeler one may want to crawl inside the smoke-filled cabin and squeeze next to Tommy Chong or Cheech Marin. 

Dope Machine Gets You High While It Drives

What Is The Dope Machine?

This truck is called the “Dope Machine” and it was first seen in a video published to WeedTube by the user RCSparks. Although inviting, with artwork that says “Happy 420” or a lion characterized with a Bob Marley-esque persona next to the word “Dope” - and four sturdy wheels to overcome any obstacles you may encounter- this vehicle isn’t one any average human may enter.


You may think we’re trying to sway you from tracking this hot box heaven down and jumping inside- but the problem is that the Dope Machine is only about one foot tall. This truck is controlled by a remote. Cheech and Chong inside of the vehicle are action figures. Although this truck does not fit the average person, it will still get the average person high as a kite with the use of dry flower vape bags. RCSparks designed a remote controlled truck that has a motor inside with a complete smoking station. 


How Does It Work?

With the push of a button and the turn of a knob, this truck will drive to you - where then the recipient of the truck’s presence can open the truck, pull out a mouthpiece attached to a tube, and get ridiculously stoned.

First Hit From Vape RC Truck That Gets You Stoned

This miraculous conception is part of two videos uploaded to RCSparks channel. The first of which features the initial truck tour, showing it to a friend, and demonstrating its use. The second video features a bag attachment that then allows the truck to fill the bag- so the truck itself can get to as many recipients as possible, in a short amount of time. 


While this design isn’t mainstream even in the slightest, the concept should seriously be considered by weed delivery investors, stoners, and anyone over 21 who likes trucks.

Watch the series of events unfold for yourself- you’ll have to see it to believe it.

Part 1: Worlds 1st Vape Dispensary RC Truck



Watch more videos from RCSparks on their channel! 


Would you try smoking from this truck?


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This Truck Gets You Stoned While It Drives!

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