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Ya know, we truly owe a great debt to the WeedTuber that is MacDizzle420. Always crusading for knowledge in the name of science that one. Her newest experimental endeavor is no different, but it may be the most intense one yet. The average cannabis consumer would usually pop 10-20MG of edibles into their system for a lovely night. That’s what we would suggest as well. However, it’s important to know what WOULD happen if you took too many. MacDizzle420’s newest video takes you on a 1000MG edible adventure. We don’t want to give away TOO much of this intriguing plot, you’ll have to watch the whole video to see exactly what happened, but let’s just say there’s lessons to be learned. The edible brand used in this video is called Kushy Punch! They are only available in California. This author has personally tried them and I personally love them. Alongside those lessons, you’ll also be taken on a very exciting ride. We HIGHly recommend this video. 10/10! Make sure to head to MacDizzle420’s page and leave her a comment!
[jwp-video n="1" p="67070"]
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This is What Happens When You Take 1000MG of Edibles…
1 Comment
jayro95 4 years ago
Lmao “need to stay tf moving” I feel you on that one ?