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We at TheWeedTube value the importance of creators having access to reliable statistics regarding their content. With that, we are happy to announce that an issue involving inaccurate view counts on videos has been resolved as of November 4th, 2019. This update went live first on Android devices and was extended to iOS later that same day.


Please note that videos posted before November 4th, 2019 will not have their view counts updated or corrected. TheWeedTube does not feel it is our place to remove or alter video view counts.


Additionally, if a creator would like to have their channel verified, they can do so by contacting TheWeedTube team directly. ([email protected])


The following are statements from members of TheWeedTube team with respect to the update:


Brainvire: Development Firm

“Before 1 week we were counting view count on page load. Now we have changed view count increment when the video gets to play.


With recent changes possibly your view count increase speed will be slow. But view counts would not get decrease and it would be accurate.

Thank you, Hasya Panchasara”

[email protected]


Ryan (GoStoner): COO

“Hello community,

As you may know, we have had an issue with our view count system which has been a pain in our side since it's been a thing. I can not apologize to everyone enough about the discrepancies that took place. As a team we have worked tirelessly to try and figure out how to fix this and make sure the views are exact. Finally the day has come, and we are at this point where we can say your views that you see are your views!  I want to personally acknowledge all who have been affected by this and just know we are figuring out a way to make good to earn your trust back, so you can come back home.  


This being said, I can't thank you enough for your support and all you are doing for the community and can't wait to meet you all on a personal level sometime soon.”


Brandon: CTO

“Over the past two years, TheWeedTube has had to overcome many tough and impossible-seeming issues, one of the largest always being the view count. While we worked to improve the website countless times, we didn't have the technology to fully fix the issue. An issue many companies counting public stats have had to combat in the past. As time has progressed, we found a working solution that was tough to implement but we got it fixed. As time progresses, we hope we can only improve this process.”


Tim: Social Media

“TWT has had our fair share of issues starting up, but Rome wasn’t built in a day! I remember using the first iteration of a few different platforms, and they all took some years to mature into where they are today. I think people have to be patient with TheWeedTube, the app hasn’t even been released for a full year and we’re a small team doing our best with our given situation.”


Spike: Advertising

“We have always operated with full transparency and integrity. It saddens me that the community would think we are misleading them, but I’m so happy that the technology is fixed and excited to see everyone’s content to come!”


Arend Richard: Creative Director

“I fought tooth and nail on this issue since it was first brought to our attention. I am so sincerely sorry it took this long to resolve. While issues like this are extremely common place with new sites, it is our responsibility to own up to the problems it has caused, and we hope to make it right for the community.” 


MacKenzie: Partner

“We are so sorry for the frustration and confusion about the incorrect views. We do not come from a tech background and this is not something we foresaw. We have been working diligently with our developers to try and get the issue fixed and it finally is. Your patience and understanding is so greatly appreciated! We look forward to growing with you.”


Virtual Marketing Solutions: Partner

“To think a group of Stoners could get together and try to create something that would compete with industry Giants such as Google and YouTube, and not have a few math errors is naive. Some errors may have been made, but none of them were to the benefit of the ownership, none of whom have made a single dollar yet after two years of stress and relentless work. A little patience and understanding with just how complicated what we're trying to do is would go a long way to help make this dream become a reality.”


Original View Count Update Article:

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TheWeedTube View Count Fix
Leefhed 3 years ago
Thanks for all the info given by various people and a company on this huge “past” issue. Thanx thanx thank u.
Herbit420 3 years ago
Thank you for writing this update, I would suggest that it is not a good idea to leave the old view counts in place, like cheating in the gym. It seems like your protecting creators from a let down, however you also can't manage what you can't measure so creators are flying blind with out accurate analytics. Like the episode of King of Queens when Doug is lifting fake weights. I know this a very tall order but going forward I believe this an important feature to the future of the platform for everyone involved. Thanks
BobsRattlingPan 3 years ago
"You are only a fool after you open your mouth," wise counsel I'll ignore for a moment: Just in my casual shopping for a platform to present my material, it seems everyone is looking at their work in disbelief as if a bomb went off. Another wise council is, "In the chaos, there is the opportunity." I sat out the 1960s-2010s and find myself now seeing the wisdom of the last analogy, the tortoise winning the race. I'd be a fool not to note the example of my mother, who at five feet didn't back down and got up if you knocked her down throughout that same period. This note seems heavy, and I look at the possibilities now and in the future, and it looks bright here. We have the right grow lights; we just have to grow.
Bella1 3 years ago
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GrowingWithJames 3 years ago
Well I thought I was there when I seen 4200 views on my page but after reaching out to support they advised me of this and informe me I only had 1900.. Almost half way though sothe way I see it the glass is still half full. If anyone is interested in seeing some of my cannabis plants I been growing for nearly 30 years. I also grow magic mushrooms too which is what landed me here when YouTube shut down one of my channels for some of the content I have on them.