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Happy Holidays from everyone at TheWeedTube! As this tumultuous year comes to a close, we sincerely hope that each and every one of you are having a safe and loving holiday season. It is absolutely not lost upon us that for a countless amount of people both near and far, this season in particular may be even darker than usual. No amount of eloquently spun words can properly convey the immense amount of pain and anguish being experienced worldwide, and we wish you all compassion, comfort and care.


We would like to take a moment to offer an update for the donors and community members regarding the status of donations for the purpose of continued funding for TheWeedTube operations. First and foremost, we would like to express our profound gratitude for the entire community. We sincerely thank all of the donors thus far who have offered their support, and we also want to thank everyone who has shown support in their own way, regardless of donations. This year has been financially difficult for millions of people, so whether you donate, spread the word and/or support TheWeedTube by watching and engaging with content and creators, you are essential to continuing the push against cannabis censorship in mainstream media. We are grateful for you. 


We are pleased to announce at the time of this writing, current donations have totalled nearly $1,300 to be allocated toward the infrastructure at TheWeedTube. As we continue to move toward our funding goal, we are exceedingly appreciative of those who have lent their support. If you would like to join in on the resolve to combat cannabis media censorship and help sustain TheWeedTube for years to come, we encourage you to visit TheWeedTube’s donation page for detailed information on how you can get involved! 


We would also like to update our donors on the rollout of the Dank Donor Badge. As you may know, donors receive special access to a monthly email newsletter,  including exclusive development updates, sneak peeks, opportunities to share input on TheWeedTube operations and a verified donor badge on TheWeedTube mobile app and website.


Currently, our team is working hard on the implementation of the Dank Donor Badge, but it could be up to a week for the badges to show.


This badge will appear first on the desktop site and Android mobile only. There is a delay launching the badge on iOS app devices as we wait for Apple to approve the new code. Once Apple gets caught up, the badges will be live and visible across all applications of the platform!


We thank you so much for your patience as we get these new developments implemented and we are so grateful to have you as a part of our wonderful community.


TheWeedTube has always strived to be a safe space for the international cannabis community. Fighting censorship has been our founding principle. While we have been successful at keeping our community going since our launch in February 2018, recent situations in the world have changed our ability to sustain and grow. The pandemic has certainly had its fair share of effects on our community. It seems like every week another cannabis-related brand closes its doors. With the loss of these businesses, we have lost a significant portion of our advertising partners and revenue.


TheWeedTube Team is dedicated to updating our technology to continue to provide the best user experience possible.


By supporting TheWeedTube financially you will help us continue to share our ad revenue with our creators. We believe the ability to compensate our creators is one of the cornerstones of our platform.


Again, our utmost gratitude goes out to all of those who have shown their support TheWeedTube in any way that they can. We look forward to continuing to bring you the very best in cannabis content and cultivating the community that brings us all together.


Be well, stay safe, and have a happy Holiday season,


TheWeedTube team 

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TheWeedTube Funding And Donor Update
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Thud 1 year ago
How to use Visa? Can you send me a PayPal Invoice I can pay with Visa that way?