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    As the cannabis industry continues to grow, more people want to become a part of it. Well I'm here to talk about the many different jobs in the industry, what they do and how you can enter the industry!

    There are many different types of jobs in the industry from grunt work to prestigious top of the industry positions. We're going to start with the basics. For some of these jobs you need a key badge or support badge, which requires you to pass a background check and may entail some kind of testing.

    If you want to be hands on with the plant but remain behind the scenes, grower, trimmer and cultivator may be the job for you! As a grower, you are in charge of raising grade A cannabis, harvesting it, trimming it and getting it ready for sale at the dispensary. You are basically a weed farmer which in itself sounds like a dream job!

    For the outgoing people person, why not try budtending? Budtenders are the lovely people who you talk to at the dispensary. They are in charge of the customer service side of the industry. They are well educated in cannabis strains, edibles, topicals, ect, and are there to help you chose what product is best for you. They may also weigh out bud, roll joints, weigh out concentrates, clean and inventory items. This will depend on the dispensary you work for.

    Next up would be a key badge holder. They are a step above budtenders and are usually managers or business owners. People who have a key badge are trusted with the keys to the dispensary. Normal budtenders cannot open or close the dispensary, a specific badge is necessary for such responsibility. These people are usually in charge of the dispensary or are master growers, whom decide how much and what type of weed to grow. You usually need to start as a support badge holder and move up after gaining experience.

    If you don't want to work in a dispensary there are still many opportunities! You can work as an edibles chef, make concentrates, be a traveling retailer for a company, there are even jobs where you get paid to try different weed strains!

    If you have a graphic designing, photography, videography or writing background there are countless jobs available. You can design packaging and logos. You can take photographs of products for businesses. You can make promotional videos for companies or start a Weedtube channel! Or if you're a writer you can contact cannabis magazines and blogs and submit articles.

    There's so many opportunities in the cannabis industry as it continues to grow. So if you've been wanting to enter the industry just do it! Call local businesses, send out emails or just show up in person with a resume and why you want to enter the industry. To make things happen you have to just do them!

    I hope this shed some light on the many jobs in the cannabis industry and encourages you to follow your cannabis dreams!

    These are just a few of the jobs in the industry, so there may be more opportunities that I haven't discussed in this article.

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The Many Jobs Involving Cannabis
provisional_air 2 years ago
So many different opportunities! This is only the beginning!
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