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It's been 8 months since first launched. If you went on the site that day, you'll remember one thing.... Buffering. We are proud to say that we've come quite a long way since that first launch. TheWeedTube now has a mobile friendly site that you can browse with any smartphone released after 2014. We also have an industry standard video player (JWPlayer) that has removed all the pesky buffering we were so used to. Of course the site isn't completely perfect, but we are working every single day on fine tuning the user experience. That's all great and wonderful. But I know that you're asking "Where is the app???!!!???!!!". Well, we're here to tell you the complete and honest truth. The app isn't here yet. BUT, we have finished the design phase. Either way though, this article is to update you on the past present and future plans for and everything in-between, and we'll be giving it to you once a month.


As mentioned before the app completed the design phase just recently. Unfortunately, we had some issues with the development company we had spent the last few months working with. Issues in that... it doesn't seem like the developers were actually able to build the app (turns out making a full service video platform is not that easy and there literally aren't any other than YouTube). Since the issues we have found a new development firm that we are partnering with to complete the app construction. The new developers have given us a 90 day turn around and now all we need is the funding (please see our post about investing in TheWeedTube in our Blog section). Once funding has been secured we will have that app rolling out to you so fast.


Each month we want to give you guys a little teaser about what we want to accomplish in the future. One of the biggest things that may not actually seem like a huge deal to everyone is actually the search bar. Our new developers are going to be installing machine learning software that will allow TheWeedTube to learn all about itself and how to better pick content for you the viewer. It's like AI, but not quite. It's also what separates the best sites on the internet, from the basic sites on the internet. We are so excited to have this machine learning integrated into TheWeedTube to help your viewing experience last much much longer! We hope these little insights into our future will make your wait for the app a little more bearable. We appreciate all the support we've been given up to this point and want to remind you that our door is always open for questions and concerns. Just contact us at [email protected] with any questions!

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The Future of TheWeedtube
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