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    Cannabis is well-known for it's stress relieving and relaxing effects but there are actually strains that give energy and focus. Most of the time smoke sessions are left for the end of a hard day, but there are strains made to energize, allowing stoners to enjoy cannabis at all times of the day.

    There  are 3 categories cannabis falls in: indica, sativa and hybrid. Indica, the more popular of the three, is a category of cannabis that has sedative properties, causing a body high while sativas have energy enhancing properties, causing a more head high. Hybrids are literally a mix between the two. Indica's are best for nighttime, pain management and anti-anxiety reasons. Sativas are best for treating depression, enhancing creativity and uplifting the mood. Since hybrids are mixtures of the 2, they can have a combination of these effects, making very well rounded cannabis strains.

    When looking for a daytime cannabis strain, aim for sativas or sativa dominant hybrids. Stray away from anything that's less than 50% sativa.

    Green crack is always at the top of the sativa strain lists. It has very strong caffeine like effects, giving you the energy to tackle any tasks thrown your way. This is the perfect strain for someone who needs a big push to do the mundane tasks of being an adult. It's also super tasty with citrus flavored buds, making it a popular choice among daytime stoners.

    A strain that has the best of both worlds would be Durban Poison. This strain is a pure sativa, however, if you smoke too much you'll end up locked to the couch. So take a few hits to complete your task then take a few more and celebrate your success with a stoned nap. This is perfect for people who don't want to have different strains for day and night. It is very popular due to its sticky buds and sweet, yet  ammonia-like smell.

    Sour Diesel is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a 90/10 ratio. This strain is better for those who want a more mellow high. You will be relaxed, but still able to tackle your laundry list for the day. Sometimes sativas with high cerebral effects can cause anxiety in some, so try sour diesel if you are prone to anxiety. This strain has citrusy aroma and taste and is well known for it's high potency.

    Lemon Kush is the last strain we'll be covering today. This strain is actually different than the others on the list as it is actually an indica dominant hybrid. Lemon Kush gives the perfect balance of creativity and positive thinking, without the usual couch locking effects of Indicas. If you love lemony flavors and aromas, definitely scoop up Lemon Kush.

    Being able to medicate with cannabis during the day without affecting your motivation and energy, is exactly what some people need. Especially those smoking for chronic pain, seizures and other ailments that can strike at any time of the day, sativa strains can make the world of difference. Smoking during the day isn't for everyone, regardless of the strain chosen. But for me, a nice bowl in the morning just lifts my mood, and gets me ready to tackle the day! Let us know if you are a daytime, night time or all the time stoner! 

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The Best Daytime Strains
provisional_air 2 years ago
Yes green crack is so good!!
4evaAlyssa 2 years ago
definitely going to be good to know when I am able to start smoking again