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    Ever wonder what cannabis strain pairs with your horoscope? For the stubborn Taurus or the passionate Leo, we've got the best strains for your horoscope!

Aquarius, born January 20- February 18 is an air sign. They love using their mind at every opportunity and need mental stimulation to keep them from getting bored or complacent.

    A sativa strain is definitely a must, but to be more specific Trainwreck would be the best Aquarius strain as it gives a relaxing yet mentally stimulating high. This strain will help an Aquarius relax without becoming bored and disinterested.

Pisces, born February 19- March 20 is a water sign. They are very artistic, enjoy sleeping, music and being alone. 

    For this fishy sign Granddaddy Purp is definitely the go-to strain as it is super relaxing and produces a heavy body high, perfect for this antisocial sign. Indicas are great for solo smoke sessions, as they calm and ease the mind.

Aries, born March 21 - April 19 is a fire sign. Aries are known for being courageous and determined. They need physical activity as they are easily bored.

    Definitely look for a sativa, but better yet ask for Lemonade. Lemonade has energetic physical effects with mood enhancing properties. With this strain, Aries can enjoy an elevated mood without being locked to the couch, allowing them to remain active.

Taurus, born April 20 - May 20 is an earth sign. Taurus loves being in nature and gardening as well as cooking and music. This sign is quite stubborn and emotional.

    A hybrid would be great for Taurus, especially Gelato. Gelato is an earthy strain that helps improve mood, energy and focus. This strain can be smoked during the day, allowing Taurus to enjoy the things they love without getting sleepy.

Gemini, born May 21- June 20 is an air sign. Gemini are gentle and affectionate but do suffer from nervousness. 

    An indica would best suit this sign. Blackberry Kush is known to immediately relieve anxiety allowing Gemini to relax and remain calm and in happy spirits. A sativa may cause this sign to become more nervous so stray away from those.

Cancer, born June 21- July 22 is a water sign. Cancer's are known for their moody and pessimistic ways. However, they do best relaxing by a body of water.

    Harlequin, a more CBD strain, is a go to for this sign. It is a hybrid that helps alleviate stress without causing drowsiness and fights against mood swings. Cancer's should definity roll up next time they visit the lake, pool or beach for ultimate relaxation vibes.

Leo, born July 23 - August 22 is a fire sign. This sign is creative and passionate, yet stubborn and lazy. Because of this a sativa is a must!

    Green Crack, a super sativa helps with creativity, focus and energy. For the Leo who can be lazy, this strain will make you hop off the couch with inspiration, unlike indicas which couch lock the smoker.

Virgo, born August 23- September 22 is an earth sign. This sign is kind yet shy. Virgo's are hardworking and live by the "all work no play" mentality.

    This sign needs a huge relief of stress with their hardworking personality, so a heavy indica is best! Northern Lights will quickly knock Virgo stoner's on their butts, giving a rapid tranquilizing feeling, helping them switch to "all play and no work."

Libra, born September 23 - October 22 is an air sign. Libra's are social beings who dislike being alone. They also don't like confrontation and chose to keep the peace rather than cause tension.

    Hawaiian is a sativa, perfect for the social butterfly Libra. This strain causes a euphoric, talkative and giggly high. This stain goes hand and hand with the Libra outgoing personality.

Scorpio, born October 23 - November 21 is a water sign. Scorpio's are brave, passionate and resourceful. But they can be jealous and secretive on a bad day.

    A hybrid would be best for this sign. Purple Passion is the perfect mix of body high and inspiring feelings. Scorpio should feel a physical calming while remaining introspective.

Sagittarius, born November 22 - December 21 is a fire sign. They are known to be funny, extroverted and enthusiastic but also impatient.

    A hybrid will be best for the Sagittarius. Jillybean boosts sociability, making it perfect for this extroverted sign. This strain is also known to cause the giggles, so be prepared for a silly night.

Capricorn, born December 22 - January 19, is an earth sign. Capricorns display good manners and self control, but can be cold and distant.

    Jack Herer, a hybrid, is the best strain to pair with this sign. Jack Herer helps enhance focus, elevate mood and mental well-being. These effects are paired beautifully with the sometimes moody sign.

    And there you have it! The perfect strain for every zodiac sign! Let us know down below what you think of your sign and strain pair!

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Strains for Your Horoscope
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Colpus 2 years ago
Why link Cannabis to Horoscope? Why choosing a totally scientific topic to pair with pseudoscience? I appreciate the effort to put all of this together to make some sense for some people... But putting a big "MIGHT" in every affirmation in this post would be something more credible.