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    Summer is officially here which for most means camping trips, days by the pool and barbecues. This summer plans may have changed a bit due to social distancing but that doesn't mean you shouldn't have a fun and stoney summer!

    What better way to enjoy your summer than with some dank and delicious cannabis? Below I have compiled a list of the best summer strains! I made sure to add some fruity and sweet strains to refresh you on those hot days and some earthy tones for those trips to the mountains.

    The first strain is perfect for your next day at the beach. Tangerine Dream tastes and smells sweet and citrusy like the fruit. You won't have to wait long to feel the effects of this strain. It is quick and rather intense but brings uplifting feelings and elevated mood. I can't think of anything better to be smoking on the beach with a nice Pina Colada.

    Now for those who enjoy long hikes to unknown locations, Green Crack is the strain for you with its earthy flavor with hints of citrus. This strain is known to lift your mood and energize you, hence why it's the perfect hiking strain! Right when you think you can't go anymore, a few puffs of Green Crack may be the little push you need!

    Alright again for my outdoorsy stoners, I have the perfect campfire strain; Northern Lights. If you haven't been blessed by inhaling what is one of the best strains around then you must pick up Northern Lights on your next trip to the dispensary. Northern Lights is a heavy indica known to knock even the biggest stoners to their butts. This is another strain that hits you before you even have a chance to pass the joint. It's loved for its relaxing, stoney and sleepy high. Definitely find your way to your tent before it hits too hard!

    This next strain is perfect to smoke poolside and reminisce those days enjoying creamsicles with your toes in the water. Orange Creamsicle to be exact, will take you back with it's deliciously creamy citrus flavors. This strain comes on gradually, lifting your mood and relaxing your mind and body. What better way to enjoy laying out in the sun?

    Make sure to give each of the four strains above a try and let us know down below which you enjoyed most! I will definitely be on the lookout to taste these summer-in-a-blunt strains. Cue the drool...


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Strains for Summer
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provisional_air 2 years ago
Orange creamsicle sounds delightful!!1