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Stoner Gift Guide


Tis the season of giving! As this stressful year comes to a close, most of us are needing to celebrate away from family and friends and don't have a huge gift budget this year. So I have compiled a gift list for every stoner and every budget!

Gifts never need to be expensive, but they should be useful or thoughtful. This list will start with gifts under $20! *If possible try to buy from smaller, locally owned businesses as this year has been detrimental to many small businesses*

An easy and cheap gift for every stoner is a gift basket filled with rolling papers, rolling tips, lighters, hemp wax, grinders, ect. The dollar store always has cute gift bags and boxes and everything needed to wrap and decorate! Gift baskets are great because they can be customized to anyone and any budget.

Another gift basket idea would be a munchies box. Grab their favorite candy, chips, drinks, ect. The munchies can hit at any time so this gift will be greatly received by any stoner. If you have a larger budget throw a $20 in the basket so they can pick up some bud! Make sure to give cash as most dispensaries won't accept debit/credit cards or gift cards.

A card with cash is always a great gift idea.

A nice bag of weed is never a bad gift idea for any occasion! Or a gram of wax or other concentrates they typically enjoy. Maybe buy them a top shelf eight or some pure THC crystals, if you really want to spoil them!

Bongs, pipes, dab rigs, dab pens and other smoking devices are also a great idea. There are pieces in all price ranges so there is a lot to choose from. Are they girly? Maybe get them a pink glass piece. Did they just break their pipe? A new one would probably make their day! There are pipes from $5 and up through $100s, so there really is a large variety to choose from.

There are dab accessories for the concentrates lover. Dab tools, carb caps, quartz nails and electric nails, just to name a few. These also range from super affordable to break the bank, so don't be afraid to check out the local head shop for affordable accessories!

A big thing around the holidays is the gifting of holiday cookies. So why not mix it up and make or buy some cannabis infused cookies as a gift? It'll cure the sweet tooth and take the holiday stress edge off. It's the perfect mix of holiday and high-liday.

It can be stressful trying to please everyone on your list so hopefully this was helpful in your gift buying! Also, remember to try to buy from small and or local businesses if you can! Stay safe and high this holiday season!


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Stoner Gift Ideas